Since its foundation in 1983, the ARTISTS FOR PEACE initiative (Les Artistes pour la Paix – APLP), in Quebec, Canada, has been raising awareness among artists and citizens around the world about actions to help the blossoming of lasting peace through disarmament and social justice. Its mission is to promote the creation of non-political works of art for peace.

This initiative uses the arts as a promotional tool to protect life (including the environment, water, air, climate and diversity), culture and educational and public health institutions as well as human rights, fighting against sexism and racism in solidarity with minorities and indigenous people. Through manifestos, petitions, speeches and letters to elected officials, Artists for Peace fights against militarism and for disarmament. Several of its members have been to prison because of anti-nuclear activism.

To reach its goals, members produce artwork and organize exhibitions, shows and activities. The organization collaborates on conferences, meetings and assemblies that speak to its members or which pay tribute to representatives of the artistic community by showcasing their achievements.

Artists for Peace maintains a strong presence in the media through the publication of files, articles and essays on subjects directly or indirectly related to peace as a fundamental social issue. Artists for Peace also produces films and visual and sound recordings of all kinds.

Year after year, the Artists for Peace commemorates important and meaningful events for humanity such as the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and World Peace Day (September 21). Each year they nominate Peace Artists of the Year. Several other initiatives also contribute to the promotion of a culture of peace, to the fight for the protection of the environment, to the strengthening of living together: production of a repertoire of songs for peace, production of an anthology poems for peace and a manifesto for peace.

Artists for Peace is inspired by The Charter of the United Nations in its belief that intelligence, history and diplomacy will always prevail over the use of arms. Through its actions, Artists for Peace infuses its commitments within an intellectual and militant movement, local, national and international, focused on the same geopolitical and social objectives. Artists for Peace participates, shares, mobilizes and demonstrates the supremacy of the ideology of peace, without which too many of humanity’s achievements would become random, problematic, or illusory. Too many of our fellow human beings experience catastrophes every day.

Artists for Peace is one link in a universal fraternal chain which feeds the hope of a shared humanity, into which it infuses the way of thinking, of saying and of doing of their members, particular to their country, culture and language.

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