Campaign to promote and broadcast the finalists of the 2019 edition of the Public Peace Prize

The Public Peace Prize is at the stage of promotion and dissemination. The objective of this stage is to make visible internationally all the initiatives, candidates and candidates that have reached the status of finalist. To do this, we will publish a finalist profile every week on our website and on our Facebook page.

As in the previous edition, this year the support team of each finalist has the mission to support each application and not only that of its support team, so that it is known in all possible countries.

It is then about helping us advertise this candidacy on the own social networks. We remind people that this award is more collaborative than competitive. The aim is that all our finalists reach the final stage which is the declaration of the winners.

It is the set of reactions and actions such as dissemination, comments or congratulations which will determine whether the objectives of visibility have been achieved for a candidate.

The time to offer your support to the finalists of the 2019 Public Peace Award has arrived!

As a member of the support team, you can make a gesture of solidarity simply by your actions (like, comment and share) on the Facebook page of the Public Peace Prize. We thank you:




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