Initiative of peace, Laureate for the 2018 Edition of the Public Peace Prize

Distinction awarded for their community radio program, these young artisans of peace have shown courageous commitment by broadcasting proposals relative to the building of peace and the right to a violence-free life. CONGRATULATIONS!

PazalaMujer is a radio program, from the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, created in 2017 as a tool for participation, impact and appropriation of alternative radio programs (Radio Vokaribe Community).

PazalaMujer aims to create spaces of communication for young women on the radio where they become protagonists to stimulate and make visible proposals for the construction of peace in its different expressions: the diffusion of the Peace agreements of the government with the FARC-EP (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia- Ejército del Pueblo), promoting participation and strengthening community media, promoting a culture of peace, participation, equality, non-discrimination, peaceful coexistence with both social justice and reconciliation.

PazalaMujer integrates in its broadcasts non-discriminatory content and respect for women’s right to be free from violence. These are life stories, interviews, figures and data, opinions and reflections on the reality of women. These are living traces of our world, experiences of young peacemakers.

PazalaMujer is an initiative of the «Red departamental de mujeres jóvenes del Atlántico» in the city of Barranquilla. This network is a space for participation and leadership promotion for the empowerment of young women. It was created in March 2012 as a response to the problems in their territories, such as the various acts of violence against women, the immersion of young women in street gangs and the wave of femicides.

This is the certificate in its language that Public Peace Prize gives it to highlight this honorable distinction:

PazalaMujer PPP 2018

Access to the radio programs in Spanish :

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4 thoughts on “PazalaMujer

  1. Felicitaciones. un merecido reconocimiento para las mujeres jovenes, merecen este premio por su gran labor e iniciativa

  2. Una muy buena labor en nuestras comunidades por el respeto de los derechos de las chicas, un gran abrazo , y exitos en este premio

  3. Animo chicas. Esta nominación es en sí misma un premio, Un reconocimiento a su esfuerzo y a su apuesta por la construcción de la paz.


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