Dur Khan

dur-khan-ppp-2018-en (1)

Artisan of peace, Laureate for the 2018 Edition of the Public Peace Prize

Distinction awarded for his perseverance. He seeks peace and conflict resolution, and works defending human rights and the environment. CONGRATULATIONS!

Dur Khan is a retired policeman from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, province of Pakistan. Before his retirement Dur Khan performed his duty with dedication and patriotism for his beloved country.  He is a village elder and peace activist and commits his time to working as a volunteer and advocate for the human rights of all, including senior citizens, women and girls.

He has left behind his days of being a famous hunter of wild animals and now is known as an environmentalist and someone who seeks peace. He is President of Zaroowanan Jirga, an association for senior citizens, and often is called upon to help resolve conflicts and disagreements between the villagers.

Nowadays some of the issues he talks about to villagers include the benefits of education for girls, discouraging forced and early marriage of girls and young women, stopping violence against women and the ill-treatment and torture of all people, and ways to counter extremism within their communities. Within his community he is a voice of wisdom and peace.

This is the certificate in his language that Public Peace Prize gives him to highlight this honorable distinction:

Dur Khan PPP 2018

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