2015 Public Peace Prize Laureates


Dr. Vasanth Vijajji Maharaj

2015 Public Peace Prize Laureate
in the Internationally-reputed Peacemaker category


In the INTERNATIONALLY-REPUTED PEACEMAKER category, the big winner is Dr. VASANTH VIJAJJI MAHARAJ: the public granted him 86 % of support in his category, which is 24 times the minimum number of points required to become a finalist in this category.

This spiritual leader, adored by crowds in his native India, moves followers with his message of harmony, unity and brotherly love for reconciliation and peace between families, citizens and nations. His vision for the future is to offer all children and youth of the world the opportunity to be educated in the ways of peace and non-violence. 

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Mabel Katz

2015 Public Peace Prize Laureate
in the Peace Weaver category


In the PEACE WEAVER category, the laureate is Mabel KATZ, who collected 7 times the number of points required to be a finalist in this category.

Born in Argentina and living in Los Angeles, Mabel Katz is an author and speaker who teaches a Hawaiian spiritual practice that delivers a message of hope that has touched thousands of people:  Peace begins with Me…. Peace within Me brings peace to the world. She believes that respect for differences, which is essential to peace, must begin with our children.

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IBAKWE group

2015 Public Peace Prize Laureate
in the Solidarity Peace Group category


In the SOLIDARITY PEACE GROUP category, the laureate is the Rwandan group IBAKWE who collected 58 % of public support (and nearly double the minimum points required to become a finalist in this category).

Audacious, courageous and quick best describes the members of this association who work with genocide survivors in Rwanda. Survivors themselves, they train “peace couples” who then train their families to become peaceful people.  Even though they belong to once-opposed ethnic groups, by focusing on innate human strengths and using love as a driving forces, they are building peace bridges across their once-divided country.

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Philippe Ducros

2015 Public Peace Prize
in the Emerging Peacemaker category


The lone finalist in the EMERGING PEACEMAKER category, the playwright and photographer PHILIPPE DUCROS, from Quebec (Canada) is proclaimed laureate, having greatly exceeded the minimum number of points required in his category.

Photographer, author and playwright from Quebec, Canada, this world traveller draws inspiration from those he meets to make better known the challenges, injustices and political crises of people beyond borders and to share their aspirations for peace.

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Michel Englebert

2015 Public Peace Prize Laureate
in the Local Peacemaker category


MICHEL ENGLEBERT is the Laureate in the LOCAL PEACEMAKER category. He received 47 % of the public support (and nearly double the minimum points required to become a finalist in his category).

He began his career with Doctors Without Borders. Years later, in Belgium, inspired by his own handicapped son’s particular requirements, he created a community home for handicapped adults where they can live and grow in spite of their differences with the loving support they need.

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