Offer your support to Artists for Peace (APLP)

Since its foundation in 1983, the ARTISTS FOR PEACE initiative (Les Artistes pour la Paix – APLP), in Quebec, Canada, has been raising awareness among artists and citizens around the world about actions to help the blossoming of lasting peace through disarmament and social justice. Its mission is to promote the creation of non-political works of art for peace.

This initiative uses the arts as a promotional tool to protect life (including the environment, water, air, climate and diversity), culture and educational and public health institutions as well as human rights, fighting against sexism and racism in solidarity with minorities and indigenous people. Through manifestos, petitions, speeches and letters to elected officials, Artists for Peace fights against militarism and for disarmament. Several of its members have been to prison because of anti-nuclear activism.

To reach its goals, members produce artwork and organize exhibitions, shows and activities. The organization collaborates on conferences, meetings and assemblies that speak to its members or which pay tribute to representatives of the artistic community by showcasing their achievements.

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One thought on “Offer your support to Artists for Peace (APLP)

  1. Ce groupe a beaucoup aider à avancer la cause de la paix mondiale. J’apprécie énormément leur contribution.

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