Coraline Parmentier is a 21 year old classical pianist who puts her talents to use in service of world peace, using her music to to help create harmony and understanding between peoples. Born in Africa, Coraline was adopted at a young age by French parents, which has helped sharpen her sensitivity to people of other cultures and to others, in general.

Raised in Rouen, France, she discovered the piano at age five, which she embraced with passion and talent. She earned a diploma from the Rouen Conservatory and was admitted, at the age of seventeen, to the Geneva University of Music, where she obtained a Baccalaureate of Arts.

Touched by the cultural diversity of Switzerland, where she did her studies, her passion became helping others to discover classical music from outside the European canon. Captivated by music from around the world, she wanted to bring the beauty of lesser-known music to others.  She hopes to encourage a deeper understanding of  others by using her explorations into ethnic classical music, and her talent and charisma help her to really touch the heart of her audience.

Presently, she is aiming to highlight the music of the Middle East because she is touched by the  the racism and discrimination suffered by this people. She is using her musical talents to transcribe the music played by Middle Eastern traditional instruments, like the oud, which she then plays on the piano to help her audience appreciate the beauty of this music.

Her life’s project is to play all the music of the world, principally the music of the oppressed, with the goal of opening the hearts of her audience to others.

Coraline is known for her peaceful values and her intercultural knowledge. She is a member of the Artists for Peace organization in Canada, as well as other peace promoting organizations. She has given many charity concerts to promote international solidarity. This year her concerts have been dedicated to raising money for the Syrian refugees in the Haute-Savoie region in France.


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