A virtual initiative that improves the safety for women and girls in urban areas

Safecity is a non-profit organization in the United States under the name Red Dot Foundation Global and in India as the Red Dot Foundation. Founded and led by ElsaMarie D’Silva, this team aims to make cities safer by promoting equal access to public spaces for all. In this way Safecity improves the lives of women, girls, youth and the elderly through awareness, interaction and education.

Safecity encourages victims of sexual harassment (mainly women and girls) to share their stories, to learn that they are not alone as “victims”, to feel able to defend themselves and to confront the aggressor.

These data, which can be anonymous, are grouped in a virtual platform as hot spots on a map showing trends at the local level and allows, among other things, to better understand the “safe” landscape of a region and make the most informed decision when people want to go there.

This information is useful for individuals, local communities and local government to identify the factors behind violent behavior and to work on strategies for finding solutions.

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