Inés Palomeque


Teacher and pacifist dedicated to promoting a culture of peace

Inés Palomeque, teacher, born in Argentina, school director, specializing in philosophy for children, sees education for peace among children and young people as a fundamental human right and a key to peace and sustainable development.

For twenty years, she has devoted her time to promoting a culture of peace, preventing violence and spreading the voices of children and youth to build bridges connecting the mentalities and values ​​of a new world era.

In 1995, she founded “Mil Milenios de Paz” (MMP), an international movement, associative, pacifist and united, dedicated to contribute to the establishment of a culture of peace on our planet through arts, science, culture and education for peace under the flag of Nicholas Roerich.

These initiatives in social and political developments that are now pioneers in Argentina demonstrate the excellence in her commitment to culture, peace and education in America. Her most important contributions are the promotion of national law 26819 in Argentina which declares the celebration of Peace day and authorizes to raise the flag of peace throughout the country.

She is author of the virtual book El camino de la paz, co-author of the book Alas de paz, creator of many projects among which stand out “Thousand Flags for a thousand schools”, “Cities committed to peace”, “Water + culture = Peace”

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