2015 Public Peace Prize Finalists


Nina Meyerhof 

2015 Public Peace Prize Finalist
in the Internationally-Reputed Peacemaker category


A pioneer in rallying youth around the world for peace in the 21st century, this American educator founded the Children of the Earth organization, present in more than 30 countries. Her publications and achievements propose teaching models and training tools based on a conscious spirituality proposing awareness of ethical living and youth leadership for peace.

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Marie Dennis

2015 Public Peace Prize Finalist
in the Internationally-reputed Peacemaker category


A prominent figure in the international movement for peace and non-violence who lives by a contemplative spirituality rooted in solidarity, this leader has a talent for finding solutions and strategies that inspire hope in others. Her vision of fair relations between people that is also respectful of the environment is enhanced by artful intercultural and interreligious dialogue which are indispensable to peacemaking efforts.

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Mother Agnès Mariam-de-la-Croix

2015 Public Peace Prize Finalist
in the Internationally-reputed Peacemaker category


In the middle of the ongoing conflicts in Syria, this Lebanese nun left the tranquility of her monastery to participate in building the Mussalaha reconciliation movement, focused on finding non-violent solutions. She continues to fight to re-establish peaceful conditions within the country by proposing innovative and hope-inspiring initiatives.

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SOA Watch group

2015 Public Peace Prize Finalist
in the Solidarity Peace Group category


A movement for non-violent resistance based in the United States and Latin America, SOA Watch continues to tirelessly pursue its goal of closing down the School of Americas, an institution well-known for having trained generations of military and police forces in methods of interrogation and torture still being used in oppressive regimes. 

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Eileen Kerwin Jones

2015 Public Peace Prize Finalist
in the Peace Weaver category



Her offensive against modern-day human trafficking has pushed her into prominence since the foundation of PACT-Canada. This teacher and communicator has oriented her research and used her leadership skills to ensure that these forms of submission do not overshadow the rights and freedoms of each human being and their participation in the world. She weaves connections between justice and peace, personal freedom and collective development.

Narine Dat Sookram

2015 Public Peace Prize Finalist
in the Local Peacemaker category


People arriving in Canada from other countries have found in him a mentor and a guide who helps them to integrate into a new country by sharing his personal determination, solidarity and commitment to peace.

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Luke Martin

2015 Public Peace Prize Finalist
in the Local Peacemaker category


A naturally compassionate person and an excellent mediator, this peacemaker offers his leadership skills to the House of Friendship, a community centre for harmonious intercultural relations in downtown Montreal, Canada.

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One thought on “2015 Public Peace Prize Finalists

  1. Marie Denis, in addition to being international Peacemaker, leader of peacemaking organization is friend and spiritual inspiration for peacemakers who live or lived in the most troubled places and circumstances as the worked with the poor victims of violence.

    I met her more than 30 years ago and know personally of her inspiration to Philippine peacemakers like Fr Nial O’Briens Columban who was a prisoner for advocating active non violence under the regime of Ferdinand Marcos with military assitance from the US and other people imprisoned and killed for their peace witness.

    Marie Denis inspired and was friend and mentor to generations of peacemakers and deserves this prize. So please accept my vote for a woman whom I do not deserve to call a friend and inspiration.
    Anne Bates, (President of Marycare)

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