Miraj Bibi


Primary School Teacher, Volunteer and Female Education Activist

Ms. Miraj Bibi is a young primary school teacher at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Department of Pakistan.

While living in this province during the Taliban regime, Miraj Bibi played an active role in education. She has established a free Tuition Centre in her native town Khot Valley, at her residence where she imparted basic skill to the boys and girls in their own mother language.

She is well known for her educational acumen, integrity, sincerity to the cause of poor and dedication to the profession of education. In recognition of both her outstanding meritorious services and excellent performance in the field of education in the year 2000 she was declared as the best teacher and “No Leave Seeker Teacher” of Khot Valley.

Miraj Bibi is one of the young female teachers and education activists of Pakistan who relentlessly confronted social and cultural bias and odds and emerged as an icon of the women’s education in Chitral. Since she joined the Education Department she has remained a symbol of educational social activism. Her services in the social field and educational field have been particularly impressive and substantive. Despite her young age, she continues to pursue her activities in social work for disadvantaged girls and children, and is a source of inspiration for younger generations.

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