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New dates to remember

PPP COVID edition (2020-2021)

September 14, 2020

The Public Peace Prize announces the modification of the calendar for this seventh edition, thus adapting to the changing world in which we are immersed, particularly, this year of pandemic. A new orientation is emerging:

  • September 21, 2020: launch of the new orientation of the PPP on the International Day of Peace.
  • December 10, 2020: deadline to submit a full nomination of people or initiatives for the Public Peace Prize including text, photos and list of a support team.
  • February 20, 2021: launch of the support period, on World Day of Social Justice. Each candidate will be successively honored during this period of time on all possible networks.  The confirmation of candidates as laureates is validated when a minimum of a hundred different people express their support through comments or sharing on social networks or on the PPP website.
  • September 21, 2021, official announcement of the winners of the 2020-21 edition of the PPP on the International Day of Peace.



For the sixth consecutive year, the Public Peace Prize is receiving nominations for peacemakers and their initiatives for reconciliation, non-violence, justice, solidarity and peace, at local, national or international levels. The Public Peace Prize (PPP) is the only distinction for world peace for which candidates are proposed, nominated and supported by ordinary citizens of the world.

A prize that takes a collaborative and non-competitive approach

The PPP’s unique approach makes it possible to provide visibility to all peace initiatives, whether they are known or not. The sole objective of this prize is to make better known as many peacemakers, peace projects and peace initiatives as possible to a large audience, beyond all forms of competition!

For a second year, teams backing the candidates are called upon to work together to support the visibility of all nominated peacemakers and initiatives. Each team’s mandate is to make better known all the candidates, in their own networks and countries, beyond any form of partisanship or competitiveness.

A prize focused on recognizing peacemakers on the web and on social media

Using web pages, posters, ads, short clips and positive feedback from the public on social media, the PPP provides peacemakers a unique kind of visibility.

It does not grant them any monetary compensation, but is intended to make them better known on an international scale. In addition, a plaque similar to the presentation on the website will be given in remembrance of this event.

Who is eligible for a PPP?

Any person or initiative that contributes to bringing a little more tolerance, understanding, compassion, mutual aid, solidarity, inclusion, reconciliation, non-violence or peace to humanity is eligible! Anyone can nominate a person or an initiative for the Public Peace Prize.

What are the steps to follow?

1 – Complete a nomination request
First, in a half-page text or longer, explain the reasons why you think it is important to publicly recognize particular persons, groups or initiatives for their contributions to peace. Second, prepare a few high resolution photographs of the person alone and in action (JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, PDF formats). Third, organize a support team in order for your nomination to be accepted. This team must have at least ten people who will be ready to participate during the candidate’s support period. (Send us their names with their e-mail address). A committee of volunteers and PPP laureates will validate the selection of peacemakers and initiatives. Finally, submit the completed proposal with photos and the list of support team members, before July 31, 2019.

2 – Support all nominations
Important: For all candidates to be recognized in as many countries as possible, we ask all teams to back all of this year’s PPP nominees. You can provide support by sharing posts featuring each candidate on your social media networks, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and others), and by inviting the public to participate by posting positive feedback.

Important dates to remember

  • July 31, 2019: Deadline for submitting nominations – text, photos and a list of support team members – for persons or initiatives for the Public Peace Prize.
  • September 21, 2019: Start of the candidates’ support period on the International Day of Peace. During this time, each candidate is successively honoured. The overall achievement of public visibility objectives determines which candidates reach the status of laureates.
  • December 10, 2019: Official announcement of the 2019 PPP laureates on International Human Rights Day.

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As in previous years, the Public Peace Prize remains an unrestricted prize organized by ordinary volunteer citizens of the world. Its aim is to foster greater recognition of peacemakers and initiatives beyond borders, cultures, religions and social backgrounds.

Volunteers and correspondents wanted!

The Public Peace Prize is seeking correspondents in various countries, as well as writers, translators, communicators, artists, musicians and other volunteers who will contribute to the process of recognizing initiatives and peacemakers around the world!

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