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The Public Peace Prize is suspending the receipt of new nominations as of now.

After seven years of highlighting some 50 peacemakers and peace initiatives, the team is reflecting on the future of the PPP, considering that more partners and media resources are needed to ensure its dynamic continuity.

Thank you to all the people who have participated since 2013 to express their support to the citizens of the world who are weavers or builders of a just and sustainable peace.

The Public Peace Prize (PPP) is the only distinction in the world that proposes to honor people and peace initiatives that are nominated and validated by the public.

The first objective of the PPP is to promote peacemakers and their initiatives. This is not a cash prize but a distinction that aims at public recognition by offering visibility on the Internet and social media. The PPP thus encourages a culture of mutual aid, understanding, tolerance and solidarity among all peoples.

The appointment process is transparent, non-competitive and non-elitist. All candidates and initiatives that meet the criteria and categories listed below are eligible.

Who is eligible for the PPP?

Any individual or initiative that contributes to building a world oriented towards peace, openness to others, mutual understanding and respect, reconciliation, recognition of ethnic, social and religious diversity, inclusion and social justice, and non-violence is eligible.  Here are some non-exhaustive examples:

  • Female and male peacemakers, working for reconciliation and peace on a local, regional, national or international scale.
  • Women’s networks mobilizing to foster compassion, dialogue and mutual aid in their communities.
  • Groups and organizations contributing to the recognition of indigenous peoples.
  • Individuals or organizations working to protect the environment.
  • Groups that peacefully raise awareness of injustices and all forms of exploitation, discrimination and racism.
  • Approaches that highlight the recognition of the contribution of the most vulnerable and marginalized in the process of building a healthy and inclusive community. This includes people with physical disabilities as well as those with intellectual disabilities, experiencing illness, extreme poverty, exile, homelessness, exclusion or any other form of distress.
  • Individuals and organizations committed to victims of slavery, abuse or human trafficking.
  • Documentaries or reporting on social or humanitarian causes.
  • Initiatives that promote access to knowledge-sharing tools (e.g. free software) and fair management.
  • Artists or works of art that contribute to building a culture of peace.

Individuals or organizations are invited to suggest new categories.

What are the steps in the public recognition process?

Any proposal must be nominated by a group, organization or professional communicators and then validated by the public to receive the PPP Honorary Award.

1 – Proposal

Any person or group can nominate for the PPP and inform the team of the prize by email to find out if the initiative is eligible based on the categories and criteria mentioned above. That said, for an application to be effective, it must be nominated by people independent of the PPP team!

2 – Nomination

Social or humanitarian organizations, communicators (journalists, film directors, photo reporters and other communicators) or any group with a minimum of 10 people may nominate a candidate or an initiative. Groups, organizations or communicators are responsible for building and submitting a complete file, including the profile of the person or initiative, and to gather enough good quality photos, or a video montage to document the appointment. The applicants must vouch for the authenticity of the information submitted to the PPP on behalf of the nominee.

3 -Validation

Any accepted appointment will be published on the PPP’s website and social networks. To receive the current year’s Public Peace Award, the nomination must be supported and validated by the public. The publication of the profile is validated when a minimum of a hundred different people give their support through comments or shares on social media or on the PPP website.

4 – Presentation of Award

Once all the steps mentioned have been completed, the nominated individuals or initiatives are declared winners of the Public Peace Prize for the current year’s edition. The winners receive a printed certificate, and a permanent tribute page, published in three languages, is dedicated to them on the PPP website.

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As in previous years, the Public Peace Prize remains an unrestricted prize organized by ordinary volunteer citizens of the world. Its aim is to foster greater recognition of peacemakers and initiatives beyond borders, cultures, religions and social backgrounds.

Volunteers and correspondents wanted!

The Public Peace Prize is seeking correspondents in various countries, as well as writers, translators, communicators, artists, musicians and other volunteers who will contribute to the process of recognizing initiatives and peacemakers around the world!

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