Khairatul Saidu is a 17 year old Nigerian Peace Activist who is fighting for the rights of inhumanly sentenced prisoners and youth empowerment. Khairatul’s activism was sparked when her parents were unjustly held in prison when she was only 12 years old, a period which caused her a lot of suffering. She has since engaged in a number of activities including hosting conferences in communities, creating an online arena for youth to share ideas called “Let’s talk about peace and development”, and co-founding the Forget Us Not Campaign project, whose aim is to achieve the United Nation’s sustainable development goals and creating strength in the voices of the unheard.

She is a member of the GenUN, World Youth Alliance and many more prestigious organizations. She is a youth Millennium Development Ambassador 2015 and has petitioned government for global peace and development. She often visits prisoners alongside empowering youth.

Winner of several peace awards already, she is also the founder of Khairatul Saidu Foundation.

The KSF’s vision statement is “to achieve Global Peace and Equanimity through addressing the most commonly faced problems of our World Community, awakening people to the Freedom of Peace”. Their activities focus on giving youth a respected platform to voice their concerns, restoring the freedom of unjustly detained prisoners, supporting country equality through promoting and supporting the balance of/for all, and finally, supporting the development of equipment which  would be given out to women and youth for safety purposes in the case of kidnappings and rape.

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915 thoughts on “KHAIRATUL SAIDU

  1. I am very proud of you Khairatul Saidu, it is not surprising to see this, because you deserve even more, I vote for Khairatul Saidu for the Public Peace Prize

  2. I know ai, your the best amongst others, I like your efforts despite past experience, I vote for Khairatul Saidu

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