Launch of the support period for finalists of the 2020 edition of the Public Peace Prize

Important:  The validation of the finalists depends on your participation! This is what makes this award the only distinction in the world focused on the recognition of people and initiatives working for peace, that are proposed, nominated and validated by the public. Each week, starting the first week of March, a new person or initiative will be presented on the PPP website and on Facebook.

Offer your encouragement by sharing publications and writing comments!

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This year, in spite of the uncertainties of the pandemic, nine (9) nominations proposed and supported by local teams met the requirements to be nominated as a finalist. They come from five (5) countries: Canada, Colombia, India, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Pakistan, and will be presented in three languages.

While they come from a variety of generations and cultures, on a daily basis these peacemakers are all rebuilding the broken bonds in their communities – misunderstandings, inequalities and tensions that are sometimes centuries old. They act through words, theater, human rights education; they set up economic empowerment initiatives for women and groups left to their own devices. Driven by strong convictions for the respect of all human life and the planet, these bearers of peace and justice transform the lives of thousands of victims of economic, social and cultural violence into an experience of human dignity and liberation.

The nomination period for the 2021 edition of the PPP is now open.

The nomination period for the next edition of the award is now open for nominations until July 1, 2021.

Who is eligible to apply? Any individual or initiative that contributes to building a world oriented towards peace, openness to others, mutual understanding and respect, reconciliation, recognition of ethnic, social and religious diversity, inclusion, non-violence and social and environmental justice.

For information on the steps in the nomination and application process, go to



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