International Men’s Day is a global initiative inaugurated in Trinidad and Tobago in 1999 to celebrate the contributions and sacrifices that men make to families, to nations, and to the world. It has since been observed in over 80 nations around the world.

The focus of International Men’s Day is not restricted to men, but includes boys, women, teenagers and children. The underlying message is that ongoing conflict among men, women and children must cease and the healing must begin. The observances of International Men’s Day are part of a global non-violent revolution. It is annually observed by persons who support the ongoing effort to improve lives, heal scars and seemingly irreparable troubled minds, seek solutions to social problems, help the dysfunctional, promote positive role models in society and develop wholesome individuals. Such developments are badly needed in today’s wounded communities which reflect distorted and outdated beliefs and constant clashes among men, women and children which unravel the fabric of the family and society.

Annual themes of International Men’s Day have focused on health, gender relations and fatherhood. Also discussed are themes relating to gender inequality, religion, class, violence, ethnicity, poverty, environmental protection and nationalism. The philosophy underlying International Men’s Day is much more than optimistic thinking and rhetoric; it is a way of life, a world view, an alternative peace model designed so that the next generation will nurture and continue to sow the seeds of tolerance, acceptance and harmony.

The first objective is to promote positive male role models. Secondly, to celebrate men’s positive contributions to society, community, family, marriage, child care, and preservation of the environment. Thirdly, to focus on men’s health including their social, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Fourthly, to highlight discrimination against men such as in court cases when the role of a father is not considered in the upbringing of his daughter or son. The fifth objective struck a chord among feminists – the improvement of gender relations and promotion of gender equality.  Finally, International Men’s Day is creating a safer and better world; where people grow to reach their full potential. International Men’s Day helps many people to understand boys, fatherhood and improve gender relations.


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  1. Great initiative! The importance of men in today’s society maybe lost in this modern world. However, supporters and promoters of International Men’s Day have made tremendous progress and must maintain their work of healing, rebuilding and growth. Their work on men’s health ( mind, body and soul) should be seen as a catalyst for a functional, peaceful society.

  2. International Men’s Day has certainly achieved a lot and as a female it has been a great and insightful experience being a part of this movement. I love the fact that International Men’s Day is inclusive and does not sideline any group or individual. International Men’s Day cares about the wellbeing of everyone and has been a source of hope and encouragement to many. So many stories about the impact of International Men’s Day remain untold but it’s certainly making its impact silently to bring genders together, rebuild society, encourage men and boys, promote peace and equality and so much more. International Men’s Day is indeed the platform to achieve reconciliation, social transformation and peace in our hurting world and I support it for the Public Peace Prize 2017.

  3. The role of men in our society is a major concept to the development of our children among us. Despite some masses may disagree but the reality is there must be a reason for both sexes. International Men’s Day is important like any other day recognise by the United Nations. The day signified that men is not forgotten as some society perceive men as failures and sperm donors.
    IMD highlight the issues of men’s health which affects their being along with mental health. How men can be empowered to be better men for their family so that positive values can be passed on to their children.

  4. I commend Dr. Jerome Teelcksingh founder of International Men’s Day it continues to celebrate the great achievements of men worldwide amidst all the negativity aand evil in this world men continue to create , and explore new ways to anvance mankind , men continue to excel and be role models for their kids and the wider community . Evil prevails whennn good men sit idly by an do nothing and there are many good men worldwide who are championing the cause for world peace and love lets give them more encouragement. thank you Dr Teelucksingh you have ate a great mentor.

  5. Value comes to those who bring value to themselves, lets once again work hand in hand to bring value to the lives of men and boys.

    • Este es un día significativo en la vida de hombres y mujeres y niños y niñas. Ha beneficiado a miles de personas. El Día Internacional de los Hombres debería figurar en el calendario de observancias especiales de las Naciones Unidas. Es una lástima que esto todavía no se haya hecho.

  6. Bonjour

    Depuis la Martinique. Nous avions organisé pour la 1ere fois en 2016 la journée internationale de l homme. Chez nous les problèmes sont réels. 1ere Region répertorié dans le cancer de la prostate. Le taux d illetrisme. Le suicide etc……. il y a eu de belle réflexion avec des spécialistes. La journée internationale de l homme est une très belle initiative à continuer. Chez nous la collectivité a été un apport très important à nos côtés. Association Machoket. Jizel

  7. If it wasn’t for a man (my father) I would not have been here today. At a critical time in my life he had to serve as both father and mother to me. Many people aren’t aware just how much some men sacrifice just so that their families would be well off. Let’s remind men of their worth and thank them for the value they bring to society. Great and impacting work by Dr Telucksingh. International Men’s Day should be a household subject!

  8. This one of the best ideal, I have ever heard about. This makes men more aware of them self and thier roles in society.

  9. This is great. There is a need for the support and encouragement for the male population. My father has been doing something like this for years. The country needs stuff like this.

  10. For too long men’s issues have been silenced, especially in the Caribbean. We need to do more as a people.! I hope the momentum keeps going until policies are restructured to assist our walking wounded (men). Great job to you Dr Teelucksingh and all supporters of men in the quest for equality!

  11. I would like to highly commend Dr Teelucksing for consistently highlighting men’s issues. His work in this area is indeed a historical one, men also need spaces where they can speak about the issues which affect them, spaces where they can work towards equity and equality for all men and women, and they definitely need to break their silence on many social and emotional ills which affect them as men.

    Continue the great work Dr Teelucksingh for you have made many sacrifices and it is my hope that this day would be globally recognised on the UN Calendar of events.

  12. I have recently found out about International Men’s Day; it is high time that men’s positive contribution to society is recognised and celebrated.

  13. Amazing,
    Great to know of and being a proud part of MH uk I want to say a massive thank you to all for this amazing initiative.
    Thank you

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