Akhand is a social worker fighting for human rights in the state of Odisha, in Eastern India, speaking out for depressed, marginalized and vulnerable people.

Akhand became deeply involved in campaigning where human rights are grossly violated by the state. He has been constantly on the move, fighting for justice and the protection of human rights in the greater interests of society. He is a rural activist who lives a simple life and has a strong desire to work with and for the benefit of common people.

He respects people from every walk of life, and works towards the protection of human rights as he believes that everyone is equal and deserves equal rights. He wants everyone to be able to live with dignity. Akhand has not been defeated in spite of many threats and attacks on him because of the work he does promoting non-violence, and walking the path of Mahatma Gandhiji.

Legal assistance

Akhand has been providing direct free legal assistance to victims or their family members in cases of human rights violations through direct intervention. He approaches the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and State Human Rights commission (SHRC) on behalf of victims or their families. He fights against human rights violations where the public is directly or indirectly affected. He has filed more than 1000 cases before NHRC or SHRC for individual victims or for the public. More than 10,000 people have benefited directly from interventions made by Akhand.

Rights violations as public interest issues

For more than 12 years, Akhand has been a pioneer in bringing public interest law to a new level of effectiveness and awareness in Odisha. He does public interest litigation, conducts training sessions, investigates and campaigns to protect civil rights and liberties, monitors human rights violations, and safeguards the rights of poor and marginalized communities.

He personally handles about 50 human rights cases each year on behalf of victims of human rights violation. Millions of people have benefited from new policies following the judgment of the Apex rights panel (National Human Rights Commission).

Integrity and commitment in the defense of human rights

Akhand has demonstrated a deep commitment to human rights over the years, and his efforts have demonstrated a willingness to take risks, seek solutions, and bring to the forefront of society a discussion on the unique legal needs of the poor and underserved. Having grown up in a family of farmers, Akhand has overcome all odds to make a difference and stand up for justice for all.

His efforts have given Odisha’s poor a legal defense in the human rights institutions and a voice in the system through legal support and assistance they so desperately need. He is tireless in his efforts to ensure that those in need have the comfort of knowing that someone is there to assure and help them assert their rights.

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