Nominations 2017

It’s time to offer your support/vote for the Public Peace Prize finalists

Important:  each day we will publish the profile of one category and the finalists falling under it on our website, our Facebook page and our Twitter account. The quality and the quantity of support received during the three days following the publication date will determine the choice of laureates for the 2017 Public Peace Prize.


How do we offer our support/vote for the finalists?

Everyone is invited to support the finalists of their choice using the following supportive actions:

Each visit to the finalist’s profile page
each “Like” on Facebook or Twitter for the Public Peace Prize
= 1 support/vote

Sharing on Facebook or “retweets” on Twitter
= 2 supports/votes

Comments of appreciation or encouragement
published on the website, on the Facebook page or the Twitter account of the Public Peace Prize, or sent by email to
= 3 supports/votes

The initiatives or candidates who receive a significant amount of support in their category will be proclaimed the laureate of this category.   The PPP team reserves the right to create categories in line with the candidatures proposed in order to maximise the recognition of the diversity of actions for peace.


Your support is important!

The Public Peace Prize is not a cash prize but a prize of public recognition. Your signs of appreciation and support are decisive to help make the finalists better known and to contribute to their visibility around the world.

Sign up on the website, “like” our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for all the details, and please invite your family and friends to participate!

New propositions for the Public Peace Prize

New propositions of candidates will be automatically signed up for the 2018 edition of the Public Peace Prize.