Official Launch of the Public Peace Prize 2020

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COVID-19 Special Edition

In this period when the pandemic is a reality of major importance, it is emerging as the central subject of our concerns. This is why the Public Peace Prize (PPP) dedicates this seventh edition to initiatives and people who are going through all kinds of crises to highlight the way they build solidarity and resilience to get ahead.

The purpose of PPP is contribute to the culture of peace through social media. In particular, to promote better recognition among the lesser-known artisans and peacemakers and their initiatives for the promotion of the culture of reconciliation, non-violence, justice, solidarity and peace. Recognition that goes beyond borders, cultures, religions and social affiliations at local, national or international level. A way of doing things that encourages a culture of mutual aid, understanding, tolerance and solidarity between peoples.

We remind you the vocation of the PPP as a peace award in the world for which the candidates are proposed, nominated and supported by ordinary citizens of the planet. It offers unique visibility to all the peace initiatives across the planet, far from subscribing to a tendency to elitism, which invariably creates more losers than winners.

The PPP does not offer a monetary reward, but since the first edition, launched in November 2013, the PPP has had 119 candidates and has already greatly contributed to making 40 laureates known worldwide, thanks to the support of the public expressed in social media.

Who is eligible for PPP?

Any and every person or initiative that contributes to bringing tolerance, understanding, mutual aid, reconciliation, non-violence! Also, is eligible any person or initiative who works to develop justice, inclusion, resilience and peace within their community, despite the harsh conditions that the pandemic imposes.

What are the process to follow?

 1 – Submit a complete proposal person or initiative

First, write the reasons why you think it is important that this person or initiative is publicly recognized for their contribution to peace, in a text of at least one page. Second, prepare some photos (of the person alone and in community action) in good resolution (JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, PDF formats). Third, organize a support team to get your proposal accepted. This team must be made up of at least ten people who will be ready to participate during the candidate support period. Finally, send the proposal with the photos and the list of members of the support team before August 14, 2020, to the email:


The selection of peacemakers or initiatives is validated by a committee of volunteers and PPP winners.

2 – Support all the candidates

Important: to allow all candidates to be recognized in as many countries as possible, we ask all the teams to support all candidates nominated for PPP for this year. The support is done by sharing the ads successively presenting each candidate on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and others) and by inviting the public to participate by sending comments showing their appreciation.

What are the dates to remember?

  • August 14, 2020: deadline to submit a full nomination.
  • September 21, 2020: launch of the support period for candidates on International Day of Peace. Each candidate will be successively honored during this period of time.
  • December 10, 2020: official announcement of the winners of the 2020 edition of the PPP on International Human Rights Day.

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Invite your close contacts to participate!