Zubair Torwali lives in Bahrain, in the Swat Valley of northern Pakistan, and is a social, cultural, civil society and human rights activist, author, journalist, researcher, and the most powerful voice for the rights of all the marginalized linguistic communities of his region. He has been justly called “The voice of the unheard”.

In 2007, he founded the Institute for Education and Development to work to give an identity to the ethnic minorities such as the Torwali, Gawri, Gujars and others. Eight years ago the Torwali people didn’t know who they were. He began to write “Torwali” as his family name and since then over 1200 youth began writing Torwali with their names, a move which has given immense confidence to this indigenous people, who are no longer ashamed of their unique identity, but rather feel pride in it. Through his writings and media engagements, Zubair Torwali has made the Torwali community known both within Pakistan and internationally.

In 2009, after he witnessed beheaded bodies with his own eyes, he wrote a disturbing article which gained national and international recognition. It was called “From Swat – with no love” and it prompted civil society protests and subsequent government action against Taliban insurgents. His media articles and activism are testimony of the inexhaustible work he has been doing for these communities. He has been honoured by Human Rights Watch for his commitment to freedom of expression in a time when speaking up in Swat was extremely dangerous, a time when he had to flee his home for seven months.

The schools that his organization has established in the community to increase literacy have also helped to put female teachers on the forefront of quality education, and have become a beacon of hope for the future of education in one of the most troubled areas in the world.


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101 thoughts on “ZUBAIR TORWALI

  1. His efforts for bringing recognition to the marginalized linguistic communities have been exemplary. Best wishes to him

  2. I am familiar with zubair torwali since last eight years,
    I found him very active in sicial, cultural and educational activities.

  3. Zubair Torwali is an enthusiastic and energetic language, education and human right activists, working day and night for the poor and marginalized communities of Pakistan. He deserve this prize.

  4. An honest, loyal , caring , and the most devoted personality of our area. He is our proud. Provided the community with the very best the community could have. Thank you so much for your contributions towards our community and towards humanity.

  5. Zubair Torwali is great peace ambassador from Pakistan. I strongly recommend him for this award of Peace 2017.

  6. The struggle of Mr.Zubair sb for peace, education and local languages are appreciable. I recommend him for this award.

  7. Zubair Torwali, a ray of light for the local languages, education, culture and Peace. I wish he may awarded for this peace award to appreciate,strengthen and accelerate his efforts towards our community, our region, our country, our globe.

  8. I suport zubir towaly for his work and effort for humen right .education pece and the develop of beckword aeria of swat

  9. Zubair seb. I am extremely delighted to hear about your nomination for this peace award. You truly deserved this award and I am sure we would not have found more suitable person for this other than you.
    This award is for all those silent voices whom you gave strength and courage to speak out for their rights.
    Your dedication and passion for educating, directing and leading coming generation is well worthy of this award.
    Heartily congratulations from people of Swat this time with Love.

  10. Your selection for award is just recognition of your services which you have rendered for the people of SWAT during the insurgency. You were among those few who had invited the attention of the international community to the killing, torturing and humiliation the people of SWAT at the hands of the terrorists. You deserve far more than this. In fact this is honouring the most educated people of SWAT here and abroad representing us.

  11. We see no other person better and more deserving than Mr. Zubair TorwaIi for this award based on his dedicated, selfless, tireless and meritorious services rendered to protect and promote the rapidly vanishing Dard Civilization in KPK . To my observation, Zubair is the not just the most deserving person in KPK, he is the most deserving person from the whole of Pakistan. His personality has set an example in the whole of Pakistan for Social Activists and Rights activists and young intellectuals. Despite of being from and oppressed minority group in KPK The Dard Kohistanies, he has made a special place in Pakistan among the social activists and intellectuals in a very short period which speaks of his abilities and potentials. He has successfully mobilized, the masses, opinion makers, policy makers and the govt. to resolve countless issues of his community in particular and whole of GB and KPK and Pakistan in general from community development, tourism to eco-tourism, poverty reduction, deforestation environment, climate change, alternative energy, global warming, terrorism, health education, gender rights, minority rights and the rights of the oppressed irrespective of their social background. He writes in daily national English and Urdu papers and his articles are presented as a reference by researchers, university student and university teachers, organizations and institution. I am a regular reader of his articles, I have saved all of his articles and statements in my hard drive and read it from time to time to refresh my knowledge.The best of his contribution for me Being a Dard community member from Gilgit Baltistan, is that he has totally protected the Dard Civilization, culture, art, music, folklores, values and traditions from Dying and has given a totally new life with the help of his dedicated and committed team and his Organization. His work is an example of success for all the marginalized, voiceless and oppressed minority indigenous communities in Pakistan as well as at World Level. Within 05 years, he has brought a tremendous change in the mind set of the masses and the social activists in Pakistan. He is indeed a role model for many of us. I wish him best of luck, all success and a long life ahead with full of achievements, accomplishments and replicable examples.

  12. I like his efforts to address the needy ! He is a courageous individual who always believe in worth and dignity of human beings. His contribution to preserve and promote the endangered culture of Swat Kohistan, is commendable.

  13. Zubair Torwali is a Dard ethnic and Swat Kohistan regional activist. He has worked to promote and defend Dard culture and is known to readers throughout Pakistan. He has also sought to have the Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkwa and Pakistan federal governments provide better services to Swat Kohistan and community proactiveness regardless of ethnicity or religion. He is someone who has done some work in conjunction with Swat Relief Initiative Foundation. I do volunteer work for the SRI as well.

  14. Zubair Torwali always rise his voice for the marginalised people, his orgonization work for education and development, I support him for his work.

  15. I have always seen Zubair torwali sb raising voice for his people and discussing socioeconomics issue through his mighty pen. Indeed his efforts are commendable for the his people.

  16. Mr. Zubair Torwali has been working for the linguistic minorities of the northern Pakistan. He has been struggling to cultivate an environment of tolerance, pluralism and peace in the region. Good luck with his endeavors.

  17. No doubt, Zubair torwali is extraordinary talented and hard-worker human right activist of pakistan. His contribution for the promotion of education and local languages for the deprived communities of North of Pakistan are highly appreciable Best wishes for the success.

  18. I know Zubair Torwali from the time when he was our teacher in a private school in Bahrain Swat. He used to be the favorite teacher of almost all the students in the school because Mr. Torwali was always friendly and cooperative with his students besides his style of teaching. He taught us English and other subjects in the school.
    Since that time I have observed that Mr. Torwali have a deep passion to do something extra ordinary for his community and for the other neighboring communities in northern Pakistan. I remember he would always lament on the degraded social, economic and educational condition of his people. He wanted to bring improvements in the life of the people he belonged to.
    Zubair has always been a torch bearer for the people of northern Pakistan. He never missed a chance to highlight the plight of the people living in these peripheries. Let me admit that he is the only person who has consistently highlighted the cultural, linguistic, social, economic and developmental issues of the marginalized ethnic communities particularly those living in northern Pakistan. His recent article “Counting the ‘others’” is a good example of emphasizing on the identity and of these down trodden people. The article can be read here: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/178163-Counting-the-others
    Apart from working for the social uplift of these indigenous communities, Zubair has also done extensive research and work on issues related to social development, countering militancy, extremism, pluralism and education. The Public Peace Award will surely help Zubair Torwali to further his cause of helping the most destitute and voiceless segments of our country. I wish him best of luck.

  19. No doubt, Zubair sahib has been raising voice for voiceless and unheard in 🇵🇰 since very long and I personally know how tough challenges he is facing while on his mission.

  20. our linguist zubair torwali contributions for a diversified society are worth appreciation . he always raised voice for different languages criminally ignored , as well as education in khyber pakhtunkhwa backward areas .

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