Media Initiative for Education for Non-Violence and Peace

The Eye Newspaper is an initiative for the promotion of democratic tolerance in the communities of Donga Mantung, in the north-west regions of Cameroon. After the 2013 municipal and legislative elections, homes, marriages and families were shattered. Politics was transformed into an instrument of destruction and uncertain peace, fighting erupted during campaigns, court cases were opened, and thousands of citizens were not on speaking terms with others of different political opinions. This intolerance slowed down development and affected business as well as community activities.

The Eye Newspaper set up an awards program to encourage political and democratic tolerance, and to rebuild mutual co-existence. Families that displayed the principles of democracy were rewarded and distinguished for their efforts to promote political tolerance. This display of values of acceptance and nonviolence and the public recognition offered by the newspaper has changed the behavior of many citizens and well as politicians, and restored hope for many. At a time when life had become unbearable and people had died due to the political hatred, the awards program impacted lives and began to instill peace by eradicating the divisions that were destroying communities. It also brought on board politicians who have accepted the political ideologies of others.

Through this very simple approach, this newspaper has been successful in promoting peace and democracy and to achieve what traditional rulers, chiefs, administrators and even experts in conflict resolution could not.

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