Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali – Pakistan


The Voice of the Communities without Voice, Pacifist and Defender of Human Rights for all

Rehmat Aziz Chitrali lives in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, and is a linguist, poet, author, translator, social activist, cultural researcher, human rights activist, volunteer, keyboards developer and Inventor.

As peacemaker he works on countering violent extremism in Pakistan. He spreads the message of peace through his initiative “My language and my poetry for Peace”. He works on the conflict resolution issues between the villagers, mainly between men and women. He is known for his ability to mobilize people and resources for peacebuilding. Rehmat Aziz has wide-ranging experience in advocating for systemic change relating to women and youth’s inclusion in prevention, conflict resolution, peacebuilding and security at a regional level.

Committed to protecting the human rights of young women, girls and children in Pakistan; he is convincing the parents to admit their girls in school for imparting mother language education. Through his initiative “Stop Forced Marriage” he is also fighting against the forced marriage of young girls with aged men. He is also fighting against the physical torture, violence against women and girls in this man dominated society. He is mobilizing women and girls for peacebuilding in their areas.

He is world record holder in the field of linguistics and IT. He is the first person in the world to create software which allows the typing of 40 ‎endangered languages on a single platform. While living in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province during the Taliban regime, Rehmat Aziz created ‎Khowar Wikipedia on the internet and wrote Khowar language articles on topics the Taliban ‎discouraged, namely education, human rights, youth rights, peace, women’s rights, Children rights, fundamental rights, mother language education for boys and girls in primary level and the ‎preservation of regional endangered languages in northern Pakistan and played an active role for mother languages.  In spite of the region’s struggles with remoteness and security tensions, Rehmat Aziz has continued to ‎promote the Khowar language and its development along with the other 69 regional endangered languages of Pakistan. He is well known for his linguistics acumen, integrity, sincerity to the cause of language and culture documentation and dedication to the profession. His literary and linguistic works promoted essential qualities for a progressive society such as gender equality, love and affection, dedication to service, truthfulness, tolerance for each other, peace and inter provincial linguistic harmony.

He has already been awarded many national and international awards, gold medals, recognitions on excellent performance, contribution and dedicated works towards linguistics. He continues to pursue his activities in linguistics and literary works for mother languages and is a source of inspiration for younger generations.

He has participated in the United Nations Youth Forum on behalf of Pakistan. He has worked as voice over artist in the first ever Khowar environmental film namely Markhoor. His voice and art are widely applauded in the Khowar speaking community. He has been justly called “The Linguistic Mastermind” by the Pakistani civil society organization “My Voice Unheard”. Another civil society organization “Bolo Jawan” has also called him “The Preservers of Languages”.

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