The EYE Newspaper, 2018


Media Initiative for Education for Non-Violence and Peace

The Eye Newspaper is an initiative for the promotion of democratic tolerance in the communities of Donga Mantung, in the north-west regions of Cameroon. It was created as a response to issues related to the 2013 municipal and legislative elections, where politics had become an instrument of precariousness of peace and destruction.

Through the program set up by this newspaper, many families have been publicly thanked for their efforts to promote tolerance in politics, which has helped rebuild the coexistence of different communities.

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In the south of Barranquilla, the fourth biggest city in Colombia, a youth group started a citizen’s initiative made up of 15 youth  named Pazabordo, in order to participate  in rebuilding peace in their communities through radio. Having received financial help from the minister of culture, Pazabordo was able to use this financial contribution to delivered a series of ten programs on community radio in the southern area of Barranquilla between September and December 2016. These programs allowed the youth to tell their stories and share their peace projects. Thanks to this citizen’s initiative the students had the opportunity to prepare the content and deliver radio shows. Pazabordo is above all an invitation to participate in the peace process, successfully created and managed by youth.

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Creciendo en Amor works with the intention of giving tools to parents and guiding them about the evolution and the development of their children – including physical, emotional, social, intellectual and creative aspects – tools that will improve communication mutual understanding. “Creciendo en Amor” (in English, Growing in love) is program run by the non-profit organization Fundacion Pies Descalzos (Barefoot Foundation) founded in 1997 by the well-known Colombian singer Shakira. It’s mission is to help children in vulnerable situations based on a model that places school at the centre of community development. This program can be reproduced in any part of the country, and truly promotes peace through education and being good neighbors.

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the-eye-newspaper-ppp-enThe Eye Newspaper was nominated for its promotion of democratic tolerance in communities of Donga Mantung in the North West Region of Cameroon. After the 2013 municipal and legislative elections, homes, marriages and families were shattered. Politics was transformed into an instrument of destruction and uncertain peace, fighting erupted during campaigns, court cases were opened, and thousands of citizens were not on speaking terms with others of different political opinions. The Eye Newspaper set up an awards program to encourage political and democratic tolerance, and to rebuild mutual co-existence. Families that displayed the principles of democracy were rewarded and distinguished for their efforts to promote political tolerance.

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