5 days left to share your favorite actions for Peace


Begin the new year with a sense of hope! Share an initiative aimed at bringing about a little more empathy, tolerance, forgiveness , compassion, inclusion, assistance, solidarity, reconciliation, non-violence or world peace!

Describe the action for peace and email before January 1st 2016 at: contact@publicpeaceprize.org

Do not hesitate to add photos, links or any other information that will help the peace initiative gain greater appreciation.

Read about the initiatives we have already received:

Initiatives which receive about 20 or more supporting comments (about 5 lines of text) will automatically be nominated for the Public Peace Prize.

On January 1st 2016, during World Peace Day, as a part of the 24 hours for World Peace, the public is invited to cheer on the initiatives and the candidates for the Public Peace Prize by sending “bravo”, “thank you” or other adjectives showing appreciation and recognition.

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143 633 supporting actions for candidates


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Many thanks for your huge participation

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It’s already time to nominate candidates for 2016!


The nomination period for the 2016 edition of the Public Peace Prize is now open until May 30th, 2015. You can already be on the lookout for people or groups who are building community, weaving connections in populations facing conflict, promoting peace education and fostering a culture of peace. A maximum of only 24 finalists will be accepted for the 2016 competition, so send your nominations in as soon as possible!

Read all the details on the website :