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An initiative created in 2006 in Barranquilla, Colombia whose objective is to contribute to the construction of social memory, and to generate actions of reconciliation and peace through symbolic and artistic elements.
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Una iniciativa creada en el 2006 por la Red Sur de Barranquilla, Colombia, cuyo objetivo es aportar a la construcción de la memoria social y generar acciones para la reconciliación y la paz a través de elementos simbólicos y artísticos.
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International Men’s Day


Peace and Social Transformation Initiative

International Men’s Day promotes a way of life, a way of seeing the world that differs from the existing social model, to enable future generations to live better in tolerance, mutual acceptance and harmony between the sexes.

Celebrated annually on November 19 in 80 countries, this Day was founded in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago to better understanding the challenges facing boys and men in a global perspective of non-violence and peace. The themes explored through a wide range of activities are mental health, fatherhood and reduction of gender inequalities. Search for a way of transforming social relations with the participation of peace organizations, women’s movements, politicians and individuals in the community.

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