What are your wishes on the subject of spirituality? + Message from Dr. Vasanth Vijajji Maharaj, Laureate


What are your wishes for the kind of spirituality that helps human beings to find their true dignity, in solidarity with all the other living beings on the planet?

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Message from Dr. Vasanth Vijajji Maharaj

2015 Public Peace Prize Laureate in the Internationally-reputed Peacemaker category

In the INTERNATIONALLY-REPUTED PEACEMAKER category, the big winner is Dr. VASANTH VIJAJJI MAHARAJ: the public granted him 86 % of support in his category, which is 24 times the minimum number of points required to become a finalist in this category.

This spiritual leader, adored by crowds in his native India, moves followers with his message of harmony, unity and brotherly love for reconciliation and peace between families, citizens and nations. His vision for the future is to offer all children and youth of the world the opportunity to be educated in the ways of peace and non-violence. 


“Peace is that precious chain that connects the World with the beads of Love, Hope, Faith, Selflessness and Happiness. The desire for a Peaceful World is achievable when every human being practices peace in thoughts, actions and deeds.

Let’s Live and Let Live!

Let’s Respect all!

Let’s Make Peace Possible!”

– Dr. Vasanth Vijajji Maharaj