What are your wishes in order to end exploitation and trafficking? + Message from Eileen Kerwin Jones


What do you wish for so that human trafficking, black market organ trade, and the exploitation of human beings by other human beings may become a thing of the past?

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Message from Eileen Kerwin Jones

2015 Public Peace Prize Finalist in the Peace Weaver category

Her offensive against modern-day human trafficking has pushed her into prominence since the foundation of PACT-Canada. This teacher and communicator has oriented her research and used her leadership skills to ensure that these forms of submission do not overshadow the rights and freedoms of each human being and their participation in the world. She weaves connections between justice and peace, personal freedom and collective development.


I offer a vision of peace at the dawn of 2015: a rightly related world where all persons are born free to live their lives in dignity and fulfill their human potential. My vision speaks of peace as a collective journey where the participation of all members of our global community is needed. My vision calls all people everywhere to a life-long commitment to promoting justice, equality, peace and human rights within the contexts of both their own lives and our increasingly interconnected world.

– Eileen Kerwin Jones