Inés Palomeque


Teacher and pacifist dedicated to promoting a culture of peace

Inés Palomeque, from Argentina, teacher and school director, specializing in philosophy for children, sees education for peace among children and young people as a fundamental human right and a key to peace and sustainable development.

Famous as peace and solidarity worker, founder of the international organisation MILENIOS DE PAZ (MMP), Ines Palomeque contributes to the establishment of a culture of peace, through education, art, science and culture.

For twenty years, she has devoted her time preventing violence and spreading the voices of children and youth to build bridges connecting the mentalities and values of a new world era.

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What are your wishes to promote a culture of peace? + Message from Philippe Ducros, Laureate


What do you wish for in order to encourage artistic expression that shares empathy and openness towards other cultures and for peace?

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Message from Philippe Ducros

2015 Public Peace Prize in the Emerging Peacemaker category

The lone finalist in the EMERGING PEACEMAKER category, the playwright and photographer PHILIPPE DUCROS, from Quebec (Canada) is proclaimed laureate, having greatly exceeded the minimum number of points required in his category.

Photographer, author and playwright from Quebec, Canada, this world traveller draws inspiration from those he meets to make better known the challenges, injustices and political crises of people beyond borders and to share their aspirations for peace.


Peace can never be simply the absence of war. It is violence to force ourselves to read between the lines of this world in order to see the forgotten and the ugly. But they are the ones who make the world turn with their steps… Let’s break the mirror and move past the decor, towards them. Because they are us.

 – Philippe Ducros