Youth Reintegration Initiative in the Context of Crime, Prison and Violence

HECHO EN LIBERTAD (Made in Freedom) was born in Mexico and seeks to strengthen the economic power of youth in the context of prison, crime and violence to provide an economic alternative to social reintegration through participatory methodologies.

This intervention model, HECHO EN LIBERTAD, is an initiative of INSADE AC Interculturalidad Salud y Derechos, a non-profit civil organization that works continuously with people living in contexts of poverty, violence and marginalization for more than 10 years. These include children, adolescents and young people in conflict with the law, in conditional release, in situations of risk and social vulnerability in Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Tlaxcala and Nuevo León.

HECHO IN LIBERTAD was born to answer the concerns of teenagers and their desire to progress. Adolescents entering detention centers are stigmatized as “juvenile offenders” and in most cases they are forced to participate in programs where nothing is done because “they will not change”. When young people leave these centers, reintegration opportunities are minimal. Many of them are inclined to choose an easy path, to return to crime and, consequently, to increase the probability of being in a prison.

In this context, HECHO EN LIBERTAD has begun the phase of entrepreneurial skills and access to financial resources. First, teens propose a possible business model to realize from their reality, and then, they are linked to partners who can grant them credit. Some companies have been interested in contributing to the cause of this association and providing funding.

HECHO IN LIBERTAD has helped more than 2,300 young people and granted about 50 credits. Although this is a relatively new association, it has had a 100% success rate in its 11 years of existence, and none of the youth it has worked with has reoffended. These young people are only looking for opportunities for reintegration into working life and not being stigmatized. This is where the success of this model lies.

HECHO EN LIBERTAD has its own brand, with its own website and Facebook where it sells products that young entrepreneurs do inside and outside these centers. Thanks to the work of the project HECHO IN LIBERTAD, thousands of young people have found a second chance to change their future and build a better country.

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David and Renate Jakupca


Creative artists for peace and environment

The mission of David and Renate Jakupca in their lifetime is promoting a lasting culture of peace among all living beings. Together they founded the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) in Cleveland, Ohio in 1987. Their revolutionary method is recognized worldwide as a support for research, information sharing and sustainable actions for a culture of peace. Among the artists’ accomplishments are the construction of an ecological dwelling and an ecomuseum in Berea, the creation of the “World’s Children Peace Monument”, and the “Great American Peace Trail”.

Recipients of numerous awards, David and Renate Jakupca believe that the future of humanity rests on the younger generations who will succeed the alliance of economy and culture with technology, through education for a just and sustainable peace.

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