The 2018 edition of the Public Peace Prize innovates!

The 2018 edition of the Public Peace Prize innovates
by making the endorsement process for
the laureates completely non-competitive!


A prize daring to step outside old elitist models

The Public Peace Prize, the only peace prize in the world for which candidates are proposed, nominated and supported by the planet’s simple citizens, wants to further encourage a culture of mutual aid, collaboration and peace.

Completely new in 2018 is that all participants will be called upon to contribute to sustaining each initiative or artisan of peace beyond any form of competition.

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Why this new approach? Because many competitions and prizes end up involuntarily supporting elitist trends. Invariably this creates more losers than winners. We just need to think about all the initiatives and artisans of peace who remain little known, shadowed by those officially proclaimed winners.

Noteworthy is the fact that for years now, and thanks to public support, the PPP has largely contributed to making known over thirty finalists and laureates around the world.

Like previous years, the Public Peace Prize is a completely cost-free, unsubsidized, unsponsored prize, run by ordinary volunteers, citizens of the world. Its purpose is to promote greater support for the artisans and initiatives of peace beyond borders, cultures, religions and social backgrounds.

Wanted: Volunteers and Correspondents

The People’s Peace Prize is looking for writers, translators, communicators, artists, musicians and correspondents in different countries to contribute to the process of acknowledging world peace initiatives and artisans of peace!


Together for the recognition
of initiatives and artisans of peace
in the world!

Offer your support to the finalists in the “Youth peace ambassadors” category



Elliot Hillary Dogbe is an eleven year-old boy who lives in the Volta region of Ghana. He is also the National Peace Ambassador. The Open Dove Children’s Foundation gave him an assignment that led him to become not only the voice of the foundation, but the voice of the children and of thousands of Ghanaians. In the past year he has delivered a large number of speeches on peace, harmony and societal issues, travelling to meet thousands of people from all over the region…

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Khairatul Saidu is a 17 year old Nigerian Peace Activist who is fighting for the rights of inhumanly sentenced prisoners and youth empowerment. Khairatul’s activism was sparked when her parents were unjustly held in prison when she was only 12 years old, a period which caused her a lot of suffering. She has since engaged in a number of activities including hosting conferences in communities, creating an online arena for youth to share ideas…

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How do we offer our support/vote for the finalists?

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Comments of appreciation or encouragement
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The 2017 edition of the Public Peace Prize is officially launched!


It’s time to offer your support to peacemakers and peace initiatives around the world!

The Public Peace Prize is the only peace award in the world for which the candidates are proposed, nominated and supported simply by citizens of the world. This mark of recognition allows everyone to offer their appreciation for initiatives and for people, known or unknown, who are working for reconciliation, non-violence and mutual aid.

The period of public support, during which it will be possible to encourage and make better known the peacemakers and peace initiatives, runs from Monday January 9th to Friday, January 20th 2017.

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Excerpts from peace messages from 2016 Public Peace Prize Laureates

ppp-2016-0004“We are all subjected to unquestionable assumptions that rest security in higher walls and stronger fences, more sophisticated weapons, bigger prisons and fear of the “other.” But we who would be peacemakers are called to define security in a different way – as freedom from want, freedom from fear, solidarity and community. We are called to commit our lives to active nonviolence; to live simply; to act with courage for social justice.”

Marie Dennis


ppp-2016-0008“A key element in peace making is the full acknowledgment of how people have been wronged, and the opportunity to be heard. To break the chain that turns victims into victimisers, there needs to be safe and sacred spaces where people have permission to express how they feel about what happened to them and begin to detoxify. Dealing with the psychological, emotional and spiritual effects of the past are equally as important components of peace building as political, economic and social.” transformation.

Michael Lapsley


ppp-2016-0010“I was a child soldier.  I learned to see the other as an enemy and in order to survive and defend my own; I picked up a machine gun and bombs.  After that, I wanted to change the Earth for I had understood how we are manipulated to be at war.  Life brought me to the discovery that wars are being waged inside of us.  My work for peace is to bring each one of us to pause, and allow ourselves to see within ourselves the difference we can make today, to be at peace and to live in peace.”

Antoinette Layoun


ppp-2016-0006“When it comes to peace I think the most important thing for me is to have people come together to celebrate life together as one.  I also think that it is time that people look beyond our differences not only to respect each other but to make sure that every human being has equal opportunity.  One of the things I try to put into practice is to live my life with a conscious mind, because I believe that peace itself starts from home and I think that it is everyone’s obligation to be part of the process.”

Narine Dat Sookram


Read the peace messages from 2016 Public Peace Prize Laureates

Mensajes de Paz de Los Laureados del Premio del Público por la Paz, edición 2016