Shruti NAGVANSHI is a women‘s and children‘s rights activist and advocate for marginalized groups in India, including rural women. She is one of the founding members of People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) and a founder of Savitri Bai Phule Mahila Panchayat, a women’s forum. She has worked with several other projects to empower minorities.

Anti-caste work

She is involved in building relations between various communities through modeling1 and teaching awareness of individual rights and the rule-of-law. Her organization PVCHR, focused on the reconciliation between the historically marginalized and historically privileged, represents a secular wing of the larger anti-caste activist movement. Nagvanshi believes the very thought that they can fight against injustice is empowering. This pursuit of empowerment brought structural changes in her adopted villages and intervention areas. Her work has led to increased accessibility to health, education, livelihood and welfare services. Many people from upper castes in India are beginning to embrace an inclusive society.

On malnutrition and children’s right to survival

In 2017, she and her team at JanMitra Nyas chose 50 villages and some slums in the most marginalised communities in four blocks of the Varanasi district to work on the issue of children’s health with the support of Child Rights and You (CRY). Maternal, neonatal, and malnourished death declined in these communities.


She was appointed as a jury member by the Youth Ki Awaaz Awards along with feminist activist Kamla Bhasin and others. Shruti received the Rex Karmaveer Chakra Award (silver) in 2019. Indian poet, lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar honored her with the Jan Mitra Award in 2000 at Kabeer Mela (Kabeer festival) to recognize her extraordinary work for communal harmony and promotion of Kabir teaching. She was awarded the Top 100 Women Achievers of India in 2016 by the union ministry of women and child development (MWCD) in the category of ‘Access to Justice Protecting Women and their rights’. She received the Tilaka Manjhi National award with Lenin Raghuvanshi by the Ang Madad Foundation, an NGO based in Bhagalpur, Bihar for her work on Dalit women’s rights. Two Dalit rights activists from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Mrs Shruti Nagvanshi and Mr Lenin Raghuvanshi have been recognized as “21st Century Heroes of India” from the perspective of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and other Indian Constitutional Values by Pippa Rann Books & Media, based in the United Kingdom.

Literary and academic contribution

Shruti Nagvanshi frequently contributes articles to newsletters and online websites. Her latest book with academician Dr. Archana Kaushik is Margins to Centre Stage: Empowering Dalits in India.

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1 Modeling is an instructional strategy in which the teacher demonstrates a new concept or approach to learning and students learn by observing. … Using this type of instruction, teachers engage students in imitation of particular behaviors that encourage learning

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6 thoughts on “SHRUTI NAGVANSHI

  1. Shruti is one of extraordinary activist working for right of marginalized. We need more people like her to fertile land for realization of universal values.
    Dr. Bahadur Singh Yadav
    Ex-Chairperson (State Minister)
    State Technical Education Board
    Government of Uttar Pradesh
    Postal Address:
    Plot Number 68, Rohit Nagar
    Naria, Lanka, BHU
    Varanasi, U.P.

  2. She is hard working and dedicated social worker for sustainable peace through her multi-layer and multi dimensional initiative for elimination of militaristic tradition of masculinity.
    Kudos my icon.

  3. Shruti Nagvanshi is an icon of Confidence & Courage in the male dominated society of India. Reward to her will inspire the women folk she is working with to live with dignity.

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