Patrick Tocko Maloum is an expert in international conflict resolution and in the fight against violent extremism.  He has worked in the Central African Republic, in Côte-d’Ivoire, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo with civil society organisations and with UN missions to support conflict resolution, gender integration mediation, disarmament, demobilization and the reintegration of child soldiers. His work includes projects fighting against militarization of children, forced marriages of young girls and sexual violence against girls during and after war.

For his role as National Coordinator of a UN network of youth leaders in Cameroon (Réseau des Jeunes Leaders UN Cameroun), Patrick Maloum returned to help contain the migratory flow of refugees and to prevent regionalization of the conflict. Recognizing the urgency to reorient crisis management towards the youth, he has contributed to the organization of young refugees from Central Africa in colonies in Cameroon by getting them actively involved in the crisis resolution process and the reconstruction of public spaces in their country. He is the author of many articles, and is presently working on putting in place a sub-regional centre to fight against violent extremism.


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92 thoughts on “PATRICK TOCKO MALOUM

  1. i’m very joyfull of nomination of Tocko Maloum i done a great job at his young age for me he is a best candidat

  2. Maloum is a true thinker he understand that africa needs to fight deeply against violent extremism it’s a very good initiative i give him my vote

  3. i thank the God for this amazing leader who permit us to fight against violent extremisim i’m behind you patrick

  4. pour tout le travail que tu réalises pour préserver l’Afrique de la guerre je te dis merci en t’accordant mon soutien

  5. grâce à toi les enfants de la rue sont formés dans la lutte contre la radicalisation tu es un leader tout mon soutien

  6. your campaign on how figth against during war in my village permit us to avoid rape against our mothers
    thanks i support you Sir

  7. i support your innovation your creativity your dream your leadership i support you your are a great man a true peace maker

  8. Tocko Maloum gives me a reson for dream i’m a refugee but this great leader helps me to see a sun in the dark sky
    i suppot him

  9. refugee from Congo i would like to thank Patrick for his amazing contribution in the figth against rape
    thank you receive all my support

  10. Patrick Maloum through his festival “no to terror” used photos and imagesd to enhance a awaraness of illeteracy child like me on the issue of violent extremism
    your are a good teacher a good citizen i give you my voice

  11. Maloum p is a true peace maker he writes peacefull melodies bto give hope to orphans . he always sing that song close of them believe me Tocko is an asset for our generation

  12. by you articles you wrote on issue of peace and security you increase the knowledge of youth in that question. receive my support

  13. ta contibution dans les reflexions internationales sur les crises en afriques ont largement contribué à redefinir l’architecture securitaire en Afrique

  14. wonderful good initiative creation of center against violent extremism for me is a best idea i support you

  15. i’m one of girl of scibok in nigeria i have no words to tell thank you to you patrick for your amazing contribution in my liberation

  16. by your programm called one minute against rape in Goma in Congo you succefulled figth against rape and enhance the knowledge of women on how prevent it
    thanks receive my support

  17. Your dynamism and your leadership made it possible to create the platform sub-saherienne against the sexual exploitation of the girls in time of war in Tchad

  18. by your the trans-frontier festival on the securing of endogenous resources for the construction of the more resilient African communities against the war you present like a true peace maker

  19. Maloum I support your candidacy because through the network of young leaders of the United Nations you could federate more than 300 organizations of the youths around the values of peace unit and solidarity

  20. The massive flow of Central African refugees made the humanitarian situation in Cameroon more challenging with more than 220,000 refugees in small camps. But through the humanitarian application “my refugee my brother” that you created you were able to unblock the refugee camps and guarantee a peace and security at the borders of Cameroon
    My support

  21. I support you for your bravery and all the advocacy that you make to United Nations to involve the woman and especially the rural woman in the mediations of the conflicts in Africa

  22. Congratulation Maloum for your nomination the association of street children of cameroon by my voice grants you all his support because you are a unifying leader working for the integration of marginalized layers

  23. I vote for the vision you have of the world and especially of Africa I vote for the peace that you preach for the unity of people and races for the concord and the harmony between the nations
    Maloum you are a serious alternative for our continent

  24. Patrick I encourage you because the initiative and the vision that you carry are beneficial for a lasting peace in the world a Africa in security is a world in peace

  25. For all that you did for the massa communities during the wars of freedom. For the vigilance committees that you set up for having reinforced the capacities of the young people in the civic and voluntary commitment for the promotion of the peace we massa people say thank you by my voice receives our support

  26. Tocko is an impressive leader it has set up a software that reports all child trafficking and this same software is used during the phase of disarming the demobilization and reinsertion of child soldiers in Sudan. How not to give him this price maloum is a true artisan of the peace

  27. Maloum is a great researcher he has written many articles and explained causes of the radicalization of the young people in black Africa. These writings his intellectual contribution is widely recognized in Central Africa and he is the best seller of a book on violent extremism

  28. I I support Maloum because it has set up the community academies for peace in all the 10 regions of Cameroon. These academies form the most vulnerable on the endogenous values of peace and this greatly contributes to the intergenerational dialogue which is an essential asset to build the resilient communities in Africa
    Thank you Maloum God Almighty be with your candidacy

  29. Maloum has created an award for peace in order to reward the civic and voluntary commitment of young refugees living in Cameroon. By this action each year there are about 2000 initiatives of young refugees concerning peace
    I support patrick Maloum

  30. All my support goes towards Maloum because he is a great peacemaker he created an emission called the day of the security of youths in which he explains to the young people the geopolitical and geostregic stakes of the wars in Africa. This emission is watched by 5 million young people in cameroon

  31. Maloum receives my support because at the summit on violent extremism held in maiduguri in Nigeria you made an impressive presentation which allowed to put in place measures to counter terrorism in sub-Saharan Africa

  32. I support the candidacy of Maloum who is an expert on the issue of consolidation of peace he has formed many young African parliamentarians on the issue of the involvement of children in the construction of the family fabric for a strong society against conflicts in Africa

  33. Tocko has created a comic strip that shows the horrors of terrorism and this is used to teach children about the dangers of terrorism and the benefits of peace through Maloum has distributed 14,000 comic strip On the horrors of terrorism in nursery schools and in refugee camps

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