New way to “vote”

Public Peace Prize

Three stages to showcase candidates,
and a new way to “vote”

The first and only goal of the Public Peace Prize is to make better known as many peacemakers and peace initiatives as possible, including those who are virtually unheard of.

We wish to make the process of showcasing candidates participative, collaborative and inclusive1, which is why it takes place in three stages:

1 – Nomination of candidates. To become eligible, each candidate must be nominated by 10 different people. Each of these people is invited to present the reasons why they support the nomination of this peacemaker for the Public Peace Price in about ten lines of writing. These presentation texts are used to write the profile of the candidate.

2- Invite as many people as possible to discover the candidates. Sign up on the website, “Like” our Facebook page or follow our Twitter account. After the nomination period has closed, each day we will add an invitation to learn more about one of the candidates, starting with those who are the least known. Everyone is invited to relay these invitations to their friends. The number of unique visitors and supportive comments on the page2 presenting the candidate on the site, and the number of Facebook shares and retweets during the three days following the publication will be compiled to measure the interest, appreciation and support of the public towards each candidate3.

Instructions to vote:

simply put, a “vote” is a visit to the candidate’s profile page during the 3-day window after they’ve been introduced

Vote in any of these ways:

  • On our website: Invite your friends to visit the web page presenting the candidate (each visitor =1 vote)
    Even better: leave an appreciative comment on the bottom of the page

If you are on Facebook or Twitter:

  • On our Facebook page:  click “Like” below the posting presenting the candidate of your choice. To increase the number of votes, click on the “share” button.
  • On our Twitter account:  “retweet” the tweets presenting the candidates you want to support.

Important:  “votes” must be registered during the three days following the date of publication. Sign up on our website, follow our Facebook page or our Twitter account to stay up to date.

3 – Presentation of the year’s laureates. After validating the results with our partner organizations, the laureates will be decided and publicly presented during the 24 hours for World Peace vigil, on January 1st, 2015.


1 – Due to past experience, we have decided to promote the quality of the nominations and support for candidates rather than the quantity of votes, in order to encourage a more collaborative approach that is more attentive to the lesser-known candidates, rather than a competitive, exclusive and elitist approach.

2 – The page presenting each retained candidate is a synthesis of the texts sent in by the people who nominated the candidate.

3 –We have eliminated the vote by count because besides becoming too competitive and partisan, it favoured the candidates who possessed the biggest networks. This new way of voting allows a much more significant form of support to the candidates by boosting their exposure.

We remind you that the Public Peace Prize is the only peace award that takes into consideration the voices and support of the population. This unique award allows everyone to do their part by proposing or supporting the candidature of a person, known or unknown, who is working to build peace.

28 thoughts on “New way to “vote”

  1. hola, estoy muy contenta de haber conocido esta hermosa herramienta de la mano de Mabel, aunque solo fui a una conferencia, me sirvió muchisimo y la aplico todos los días de mi vida. Gracias,gracias, gracias.-

  2. Mabel; es en estos precisos momentos el estandarte del inicio de rescate de los valores humanos. Valores que andan por el vil camino de la perdición. Mabel nos indica el VERDADERO CAMINO ya que es fiel a su corazón y el corazón de Mabel lleva impreso el Camino que le indicó EL NAZARENO.
    Mabel mueve al humano a tener fe, esperanza, a romper con el desasosiego del alma. Nos insta a recorrer el Camino más difícil que es el viaje al interior de uno mismo……………………………..

  3. Mabel Katz is a true promoter of Peace in the World. In part because of her encouragement, I take action for peace each day.

    • My wife Kay and I, our daughters and sons, Kathy, Frank, Marianne, Bill, Gigi, John and Jim, their children, Megan, Steve, Andrew, Katie, Robbie, James, Julia, Victoria, Michael, Emily, Charlie, Peter, Matthew, Aaron, Rachel, Will, Annie, Callie and Evie all believe His Holiness Dr. Vasanth Vijaji Maharaj should be awarded the Public Peace Prize 2015. We all love his total dedication to Peace. We believe he heals wounds, brings comfort to the afflicted, and promotes peace and nonviolence.

  4. Mabel katz got me to listen in other to make a positive change in my life she is a great motivator.
    and humanitarian.

  5. Dr. Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj is the best Spiritual Guru and a phenomenol Peace Maker for the entire World..he is a super blend of eastern wisdom culture and spiritual knowledge and western approach of global vision for peace and ahimsa….reaching out to one and all irrespective of class, creed, caste colour, nationality or any other norms or criteria. He is the best and deserves the Public Peace Prize for himself and our country. May he bring this valued title and prize to our nation and make us proud of it as much as we are proud of him. Jai gurudev

  6. His holiness Dr Vasant Vijay ji maharj sahib deserve public peace award for his contributions towards kalyan of samaj as whole and people upliftment as per adhaytma.

  7. We can’t see the GOD, In my life I saw GOD in Shri DR.VASANTH VIJAY ji ……
    he always love us unconditionaly …….we Love u GURUDEV…..He Deserve this Award.

  8. Mable is a great woman. I’ve been exposed to Ho-Opono_pono for the last three years and she has a special unique peacefull of introducing this philosophy to the world. she is full of love and compassion to humanity, and she seems longing to see peace especially in the middle-east.
    we need more women like Mable in out day & age.
    all the best,
    Farris Haj

  9. My vote is 4 Dr. Vasant Vijayji maharasa… who is the phenomenol peace maker in entire world… jai gurudev….

  10. Mabel is deeply committed to Peace and draws out that commitment from the people who listen to her.
    Her energy and enthusiasm and real love for what she is doing is an example for the rest of the world.
    Peace begins with me.

  11. I support Dr Vasanth Vijayji for the award for the world peace which is preaching for.. He is leading a spiritual life by preaching mankind and humanity …. and truly deserves this Recognition

  12. His Holiness Dr. Vasanth Vijaji Maharaj is a living Saint. He has dedicated His life to Peace. He teaches “Live and Let Live” to all. He brings healing and compassion to the afflicted. He has a plan to educate all Indian children in the paths to peace and the uses of nonviolence in resolving conflict. He has graciously accepted the invitation from the West Suburban Faith-Based Peace Coalition to be the key presenter at our 2016 Annual Gathering Call For Peace in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois USA.

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