Elliot Hillary Dogbe is an eleven year-old boy who lives in the Volta region of Ghana. He is also the National Peace Ambassador. The Open Dove Children’s Foundation gave him an assignment that led him to become not only the voice of the foundation, but the voice of the children and of thousands of Ghanaians. In the past year he has delivered a large number of speeches on peace, harmony and societal issues, travelling to meet thousands of people from all over the region as well as religious leaders, political parties and opinion leaders in schools and church camp meetings.

Elliot’s peace campaign contributed greatly to the free, fair, peaceful and victorious 2016 election in Ghana. The last peace promotion message he delivered to the nation was broadcasted on UTV (United television) in Ghana on December 6th 2016. The peace campaign project was launched in April 2016 with a march by 1,300 school children, 10 policemen, and the regional minister for Volta region, as well as teachers and journalists. Elliot was the main speaker for the program. After launching, the peace project was dubbed:  “Think child, think peace” and carried on until the election was over.

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