Etienne De Jonghe – Belgium


Builder of peace, engaged in the formation of international networks for the demilitarization, the disarmament, the reconciliation and the rights of the peoples.

Mr. Etienne De Jonghe grew up in Belgium in a Europe immersed in the uncertainties of the Cold War. After studying political science, international relations at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), and the sciences of peace and conflict at the Polemological Institute of the University of Groningen (the Netherlands, 1968-1970), he directed his professional life towards peace education. For thirty years he was Secretary General of Pax Christi International where he worked to consolidate and develop this movement born in 1945 for Franco-German reconciliation. When he retired in 2008, the movement has a hundred member organizations spread across worldwide.

Endowed with a strong contact capacity and a deep sense of justice, he has patiently woven links with citizens of Central and Eastern Europe who have engaged in civil society to advance respect for human rights. In critical years when Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo appeal to Pax Christi, Etienne helps to organize a continental network of groups and organizations that mobilize for peace and reconciliation. At the call of Archbishop Oscar Romero, El Salvador, and other circles in Colombia, Peru and Brazil, a continental network is taking shape in Latin America, in defense of communities affected by violent conflict and the mining industries.

Since retiring, Etienne has been participating in seminars, symposiums and conferences alongside people eager to create a world free from violence, for a lasting peace. His extensive knowledge of European institutions and East-West relations is thus used to create and organize new forums for dialogue to combat intolerance and the effects of populism. For more than thirty years, he has been interested in the role that major religions can play in promoting the conditions for a just and lasting peace, for example by participating in dialogues between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. Also, he has regularly been involved in the CCADD, Christian Approaches to Demilitarization and Disarmament to organise annual gatherings.

Currently, he is active at the European Council of Religious Leaders; he sits on the boards of directors of the International Peace Bureau (IPB) based in Berlin and Brussels, the European Network on Religions and Beliefs (ENORB), and VIRA, a Dutch-Flemish association which organizes conferences on international affairs and brings together a large group of diplomats, journalists and academics in Brussels. Since 2018, in the name of Pax Christi International and with the leaders of Dutch civil society and two Polish faith-based organizations, Etienne has set up a four-year project (2018-2022) which is developing a network with faith-based civil society groups active in Central and Eastern Europe. The aim is to promote pluralistic democracy, dialogue and cooperation, in particular because of the rise of populism and authoritarianism on the European continent.

In short, by his faith, his convictions, his action, and with the constant support of his wife Magda Van Damme, Etienne De Jonghe is a true builder of peace. He is well deserving of this recognition by the Public Peace Prize.

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148 thoughts on “Etienne De Jonghe – Belgium

  1. I give my full support to Etienne. He has worked for peace patiently, full of hope, never wavering.

  2. I hope that Etienne de Jonghe (and through him Pax Christi International) gets the recognition deserved.

  3. I am very happy to support Etienne De Johnge for this Peace Prize and grateful that I have met him. His commitment to peace work, especially through Pax Christi International and the spirit he brings to it are a blessings!

  4. I strongly support Eteinne DeJonghe for the public peace prize in appreciation for his lifetime of work for peace.

  5. I strongly support Etienne DeJonghe for his work for soundly-based peace in the world, and recommend him for the 2019 Public Peace Prize.
    May the 21st century be the occasion when the peoples and nations of this earth abolish war and work together to address the many other great needs.

  6. I fully support Etienne De Jonghe for this prize. I was a member of Pax Christi for many years while he was president and his leadership, integrity and hard work was always inspiring to me. His contributions have helped to make this world more peaceful and just for many people.
    Madeline Labriola
    Pax Christi USA National Council member

  7. I support Etienne. This prize will acknowledge his efforts and profile the work of Pax Christi to a wider audience, a very good thing for all concerned to enable peacemaking in our time.

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  9. I support Etienne who has been effective in networking for peace worldwide as with the commission on justice and peace in Haiti.

  10. I would like to endorse the nomination of Etienne De Jonghe, who was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of a peace information center in Flanders more than forty years ago, which would result into becoming one of the founding fathers of the International Peace Information Service (IPIS). I have known Etienne for more than seven years as a long lasting supporter of our organisation, and a committed member of our General Assembly. Thank you Etienne, and good luck.

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  12. I whole heartedly support the nomination of Etienne de Jonghe for the Public Peace Prize. Etienne has empowered ordinary people around the world to come together and work for peace in their communities.

  13. Pax Christi Aotearoa-New Zealand wishes to give our strong support to the nomination of Etienne De Jonghe for the Public Peace Prize of 2019. He visited New Zealand in 1988 as part of a world-wide promotion of Pax Christi and made such an impression that an association with the movement was formed almost immediately, this in a country already committed to peace, particularly in anti-nuclear issues. We were impressed by his capacity to include in his passion for peace for all everywhere, a warm humanity and ready understanding of the environment in which we work and the need to fit local peacemaking to the culture of the people. Alongside this, is a self-effacing approach which enables him to promote the cause of peace without any promotion of his own leading role.

  14. Etienne is also member of SERVAS Belgium&Luxemburg, an international worldwide, non-governemental organisation. Servas is a network of hosts and travellers promoting understanding and peace through personal contact. We support his nomination with enthousiasm! Daisy HUBERT, national secretary

  15. as I can’t find my former respnse, I send this again!
    Etienne is an active member of SERVAS in Belgium ( Servas is an international worldwide non-governmental organisation with a network of hosts and travellers promoting understanding and PEACE through personal contact.
    We fully support the nomination of Etienne with enthousiasm!
    Daisy HUBERT, national secretary Servas Belgium&Luxemburg

  16. I support Etienne. For many years he was (and still is!) an example of a constant and courageous peace builder. Many thanks for all the work for peace he developed in Portugal and in many other countries all over the world!

  17. We support to Mr. Etienne De Jonghe, for being Builder of peace, you have engaged your life for demilitarization , the disarmament, the reconciliation and the rights of the peoples. Its social cause for which coming generation follow the path of peace, making the environment bright future.

    With Regards
    Surender Singh Rajpurohit Gundecha
    Bharat Uday Mission.

  18. Delighted to support Etienne de Jonghe for this Prize. He has devoted his whole career to the development of the Pax Christi global family, as well as other important causes and networks. His commitment, knowledge, passion for justice and generous personal style have been highly valued by so many activists all round the world.

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