David and Renate Jakupca


Creative artists for peace and environment

The mission of David and Renate Jakupca in their lifetime is promoting a lasting culture of peace among all living beings. Together they founded the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) in Cleveland, Ohio in 1987. Their revolutionary method is recognized worldwide as a support for research, information sharing and sustainable actions for a culture of peace. Among the artists’ accomplishments are the construction of an ecological dwelling and an ecomuseum in Berea, the creation of the “World’s Children Peace Monument”, and the “Great American Peace Trail”.

Recipients of numerous awards, David and Renate Jakupca believe that the future of humanity rests on the younger generations who will succeed the alliance of economy and culture with technology, through education for a just and sustainable peace.

Consult the complete profile: https://publicpeaceprize.org/david-and-renate-jakupca-2/

How to support them: https://publicpeaceprize.org/2018-public-peace-prize-finalists/

Español: https://publicpeaceprize.org/david-y-renate-jakupca/

Offer your support now! Each Like, Comment, Share is giving more visibility to these finalists and makes them better known as justice and peace builders.


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