Nilanjana Sanyal


Artist for peace, tolerance and solidarity

Nilanjana Sanyal, woman, humanist, passionate and committed to the peace process in Hyderabad, India.

With training in psychology, law, peace studies (Ambassadorship), creative writing and the Liberal Arts, including music and photography. She has volunteered/worked (flexibly) with different social organizations including the then “Social Services Division” (now, Corporate Sustainability) of TATA STEEL, reporting to the late Dr. Dhruv Dey, Director. She has often had an arduous life journey marked by a challenge which has also restricted her travel and braved with more courage.

Much of her writings pertain to poverty, inequality, sustainable development and peace and nonviolence.  In her books she has raised a series of haunting questions. How to reach the fruits of development to the rural poor, the underprivileged, the physically handicapped, and the female child? How to ensure that development is not achieved at the expense of nature and the environment? How to organise popular movements for the restoration of values and genuine peace in society? She believes that the progress, prosperity, peace and happiness of nations are in a large part determined by the extent to which we address the welfare, well-being and quality of lives of our women and children.

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