Dur Khan

dur-khan-ppp-2018-en (1)

Peace activist, Environmentalist and Defender of the Human Rights of All

Dur Khan was born in Pakistan, a former policeman and famous hunter of wild animals. After his retirement he commits his time to working as a volunteer and advocate for the human rights of all, including senior citizens, women and girls.
He is also known as an environmentalist and someone who seeks peace. As president of Zaroowanan Jirga, an association for senior citizens, he works in the resolution of conflicts to counter extremism in their communities. Within his community, he is a voice of wisdom and peace.

Consult the complete profile: https://publicpeaceprize.org/dur-khan-pakistan/

How to support him: https://publicpeaceprize.org/2018-public-peace-prize-finalists/

Español: https://publicpeaceprize.org/dur-khan/

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One thought on “Dur Khan

  1. In the light of his altruistic activities as mentioned by Public Peace Prize Organization, he deserves to be supported and voted for a commensurate position and recognition. God bless all who are doing good for Peace and Communal Harmony.

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