Lenin Raghuvanshi

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Human rights advocate for Dalits and marginalized communities

Born in India, Dr. Raghuvanshi is deeply convinced that discrimination based on cast system must be completely eliminated. Inspired by Indian spiritual leaders, he is on the forefront of a new social movement rooted in human dignity, the NEO-DALITS, in expansion in and out of India. His leadership comes from his experience as cofounder of the People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights Commission, in 1996. This non violent organisation aims at resolving discrimination and bonded labor problems rooted in cast systems and marginalised communities especially Dalits and Adivasis. Graduate in Ayurveda, modern medicine and surgery, Dr. Raghuvanshi is dedicated to social and economic justice since the age of 23, as he was President of Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh section of the United Nations Youth Organization. His clear vision is building hope and trust in a better future.

Consult the complete profile: https://publicpeaceprize.org/lenin-raghuvanshi/

How to support him: https://publicpeaceprize.org/2018-public-peace-prize-finalists/

Español: https://publicpeaceprize.org/lenin-raghuvanshi-2/

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One thought on “Lenin Raghuvanshi

  1. Lenin Raghuvanshi’s voice is all buoyancy when saying, “We have former child labourers like Pooja and Jyothi who were rescued and went on to receive a wholesome education. They have achieved so much, becoming lawyers, joining the Peace Corps and are now coming back to help uplift the others.” He speaks of them like a proud father. The sheer success and momentum of Lenin’s actions have many such examples of invigoration. https://deedindeed.org/health/tireless-service-to-humanity

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