Maria del Camen Fuentes Quesada

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Defender of the most vulnerable among the poor

For nearly sixty years, Maria del Carmen Fuentes Quesada, better known as Sister Maria, has been working in the working-class neighborhood of the Aquiles Serdan Quarter, one of the most troubled areas of Mexico City.

She has dedicated her life to ensuring those street children, alcoholics and drug addicts, single mothers, prostitutes, the disabled, the elderly and the chronically destitute can access a more dignified life. And this, thanks to the different projects she has developed.

At 85 years of age, this woman bequeaths to us a call for increased tolerance, compassion, solidarity, assistance and social inclusion.

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The 2018 edition introduces eight new candidates and three finalists of the 2017 edition, each of them being supported by ten individuals or organisations.

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