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Timothy Michael Adepoju is a dedicated peace activist whose day-to-day life demonstrates his belief that “peace is possible In Nigeria”. His passion to engage in service to humanity was sparked in February of 2006 when he witnessed the killing of his mother, brother and sister during a religious crisis in the northern part of the country. The Triade Peace Foundation has since been formed (TRIADE means trio of Adepojus’ murdered) as an organization to promote love, forgiveness and tolerance, irrespective of religion, beliefs, tribe, culture and ethnicity…

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patrick-tocko-maloum-ppp-2017-enPatrick Tocko Maloum is an expert in international conflict resolution and in the fight against violent extremism.  He has worked in the Central African Republic, in Côte-d’Ivoire, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo with civil society organisations and with UN missions to support conflict resolution, gender integration mediation, disarmament, demobilization and the reintegration of child soldiers. His work includes projects fighting against militarization of children, forced marriages of young girls and sexual violence against girls during and after war. For his role as National Coordinator of a UN network of youth leaders in Cameroon (Réseau des Jeunes Leaders UN Cameroun), Patrick Maloum returned to help contain the migratory flow of refugees and to prevent regionalization of the conflict.

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