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Coraline Parmentier is a 21 year old classical pianist who puts her talents to use in service of world peace, using her music to to help create harmony and understanding between peoples. Captivated by music from around the world, she wanted to bring the beauty of lesser-known music to others.  She hopes to encourage a deeper understanding of  others by using her explorations into ethnic classical music. Her life’s project is to play all the music of the world, principally the music of the oppressed, with the goal of opening the hearts of her audience to others.

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David and Renate Jakupca founded The International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) who supports research, information sharing, and effective action promoting a sustainable culture of peace.Examples of their projects include building an environmentally sustainable home and eco-museum  in Berea, creation of the World’s Children Peace Monumentand the “Great American Peace Trail”, a coast-to-coast trail of peace stones in city parks that seek to end violence in America’s youth. Dr. Renate Jakupca was presented the world’s first Doctorate in Environmental Arts and Peace Sciences. David Jakupca is officially credited with being the spiritual father of the environmental art movement…

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