24 hours-days for World Peace

24 days of bravos for peace initiatives!


The sad events of 2015 have brought to light a familiar observation: acts of violence are greatly over-hyped in the media, especially when compared to initiatives for peace. If violence constantly goes viral, can’t we also make actions for peace contagious?

Begin the new year with a sense of hope! Share an initiative aimed at bringing about a little more empathy, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, inclusion, assistance, solidarity, reconciliation, non-violence or world peace!

Click on the image or the link to read about all the peace initiatives

Cheer on the initiatives and the candidates for the Public Peace Prize by sending “bravo”, “thank you” or other adjectives showing appreciation and recognition!

The initiatives that receive enough support, in the form of comments that add up to 100 lines of text, will automatically be nominated for the Public Peace Prize.

Sign up on the Public Peace Prize website or on the Facebook pages of the PPP in order to stay informed of all the details...

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