Suzanne Loiselle – Nominated!


The nomination for Suzanne Loiselle was proposed by Raymonde Maisonneuve and was endorsed by ten different people. Suzanne Loiselle is therefore officially a candidate for the 2016 Public Peace Prize.

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The reputation of this woman from Quebec goes far beyond the framework of the organization L’Entraide missionnaire, which she has directed in Montreal for the past thirty years. Suzanne Loiselle has forged fast ties with a vast network of international cooperation agencies. The many struggles for peace and human rights which she has supported have taken her to Iraq with a Quebec delegation headed by Objection de conscience organisation. Her actions and forceful public statements reveal her strong bond with oppressed populations.

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La candidatura de Suzanne Loiselle fue propuesta por Raymonde Maisonneuve y apoyada por une decena de personas. Suzanne Loiselle es entonces oficialmente seleccionada al Premio del Público por la Paz 2016.

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