Michael Lapsley – Nominated!

The nomination for Michael Lapsley was proposed by the Centre for Services in Restorative Justice and was endorsed by ten different people. Michael Lapsley is therefore officially a candidate for the 2016 Public Peace Prize.

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Michael Lapsley

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Michael Lapsley, an Anglican priest born in New Zealand, was sent to South Africa at age 24. There he discovered the terrible reality that was Apartheid. Because of the death threats he received, he went into exile in Lesotho and later in Zimbabwe. In that country, on April 28, 1990, he lost both hands, an eardrum and an eye in a parcel-bomb attack. From that time, he was forced to live with a severe handicap – with hooks instead of hands and in need of assistance on a daily basis. Now at 65, he travels the world as an agent of reconciliation and peace. He facilitates healing memories workshops among inmates, refugees and the sick in numerous countries on every continent. His experience enables him to relate to those most wounded. Never one to be prone to discouragement, he managed to extricate himself from his ordeal with a strength which stemmed from humility and compassion.

To find out more about Michael Lapsley and to read the comments supporting the nomination go to:


La candidatura de Michael Lapsley fue propuesta por Centre for Services in Restorative Justice y apoyada por une decena de personas. Michael Lapsley es entonces oficialmente seleccionado al Premio del Público por la Paz 2016.

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2 thoughts on “Michael Lapsley – Nominated!

  1. Michael Lapsley is one of the strongest voices for peace, reconciliation and healing in the world today. He’s an extraordinary man, with a deep commitment to justice, for which he has suffered and endured.

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