Share your peace initiatives – Even simpler and more accessible!


Use your voice for peace!

Help make better known those who are working for peace by nominating them for the 2016 Edition of the Public Peace Prize.
Send the name of a peacemaker and the reasons why they should be nominated to:

Even simpler and more accessible!

The stages and procedures have been simplified into three steps:

  • Propose

Anyone can propose a peacemaker, a project or an initiative for the Public Peace Prize. All you have to do is present the reasons why you think it’s important that this person, project or initiative should be publicly recognized for their contribution to peace by sending a half-page written introduction along with a few photographs.

  • Support

In order for a proposition to be validated by the public, we ask that a minimum of ten different people endorse it by sharing supportive comments on the PPP Facebook page. Once the proposition is validated, the person, project, or initiative is officially nominated for the Public Peace Prize.

  • Recognize

All the different ways for showing support – by sending comments, sharing on social media and other mentions on the Internet – are considered to be forms of appreciation and recognition by the public. New this year: at the end of the nomination process it will be possible to send a “thumbs up” to the peacemakers, projects and initiatives that have been nominated.

New: Peace projects and initiatives

Besides showcasing peacemakers, from now on projects and initiatives presented by the public will also receive a mark of recognition during the 2016 Public Peace Prize. If you would you like to present a local initiative or highlight the contribution of a film, a book or any other form of peace work, please present them to us!

More egalitarian but just as public!

In order to ensure the visibility of all participants in the most unbiased and egalitarian way possible, the peacemakers, projects and initiatives will be classified according to a proportional table that takes into account the category, the context, and the degree of notoriety they already possess.

Therefore a local peacemaker who is little known but proportionally supported by the public will have as good a chance to be highlighted in his or her category as an international personality who already has a large support network. A dozen distinct categories will be created to make the Public Peace Prize as egalitarian and as representative as the many peace processes brought forward.

Finally, just a reminder that the only objective of the Public Peace Prize remains making better known as many peacemakers, peace projects and peace initiatives as possible, beyond all forms of competition!

The candidates nominated last year can be presented for nomination again this year.

The nomination and recognition process will extend across the entire year of 2015, to end with the World Peace Day celebrated on January 1st, 2016, during the 24 Hours for World Peace event.

Growing Impact

The 2015 edition of the Public Peace Prize made a considerable impact. The most extraordinary part is that even if the Public Peace Prize does not offer prize money, it is very valuable, not only because it is the only peace prize who’s laureates are chosen by the public, but in particular because it makes better known, around the world, peacemakers who may otherwise remain little known except in their own respective networks. More than 20,000 new visitors from 20 different countries discovered the website this year during the nomination period. Even more impressive: the public offered 143 633 supportive actions to the 2015 Public Peace Prize candidates, through 132 814 profile views, 6700 “Likes” and 4119 encouraging comments!

Just like last year, the Public Peace Prize remains a completely unconditional prize, without grants or sponsors, organized by simple volunteer citizens of the world, with the goal of fostering recognition of peacemakers and peace initiatives beyond the boundaries of culture, religion, and social affiliations!

All non-profit organizations can become partners of the prize by associating with the team to help make the prize better known through their own networks.


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One thought on “Share your peace initiatives – Even simpler and more accessible!

  1. Thank you. One important peace interfaith initiative with an anti-racist lens is happening in Essex County, Massachusetts – “Creating Beloved Community” organized by the Essex County Community Organization out of Lynn. Daniel Lesser is the Execuive Director, ECCO office: 781.592.6167.

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