What is your wish for the end of all violence? + Message from the SOA Watch group


What do you wish for so that all forms of violence, rape, abuse, and torture may cease, so that all people may maintain their integrity? 

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Message from the SOA Watch group

2015 Public Peace Prize Finalists in the Solidarity Peace Group category

A movement for non-violent resistance based in the United States and Latin America, SOA Watch continues to tirelessly pursue its goal of closing down the School of Americas, an institution well-known for having trained generations of military and police forces in methods of interrogation and torture still being used in oppressive regimes. 



“The road we walk may be long and difficult but walk it we will. Those who glory in the corruption of this world may scorn and mock us, but we have fixed our eyes upon the stars and they will lead us to the day when the world is finally torture-free.”

– from “Zero Tolerance for Torture” by Sister Dianna Ortiz

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