What do you wish for so that weapons may be put to rest? + Message from Mother Agnes Mariam-de-la-Croix


What do you wish for so that the many ongoing conflicts in the world may finally come to a resolution and that all people may live in peace?

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Message from Mother Agnès Mariam-de-la-Croix

2015 Public Peace Prize Finalist in the Internationally-reputed Peacemaker category

In the middle of the ongoing conflicts in Syria, this Lebanese nun left the tranquility of her monastery to participate in building the Mussalaha reconciliation movement, focused on finding non-violent solutions. She continues to fight to re-establish peaceful conditions within the country by proposing innovative and hope-inspiring initiatives.


Syria has been bleeding for four long years.  The people are facing displacement, separation from family members, and massacres, for which foreign powers heavily carry the responsibility. Enough bleeding! Enough violence! Enough of this war! May all efforts for peace be successful in 2015! May Mussalaha, the indispensable reconciliation, take root in the land of Syria! 

 – Mère Agnès Mariam-de-la-Croix

One thought on “What do you wish for so that weapons may be put to rest? + Message from Mother Agnes Mariam-de-la-Croix

  1. I wish that all nations in the world could somehow work together to bring about peace on earth. War is not the answer!!! Innocent people are killed, and hatred continues to grow during war. Cities, countries are ravaged, destroyed, refugees are forced to live in deplorable conditions. This has to stop!!

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