What do you wish for so that we may know peace on earth? + Message from Marie Dennis


What do you wish for so that the mediators and the peacemakers of the world be empowered, supported and encouraged in their actions for reconciliation?

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Message from Marie Dennis

2015 Public Peace Prize Finalist in the Internationally-reputed Peacemaker category

A prominent figure in the international movement for peace and non-violence who lives by a contemplative spirituality rooted in solidarity, this leader has a talent for finding solutions and strategies that inspire hope in others. Her vision of fair relations between people that is also respectful of the environment is enhanced by artful intercultural and interreligious dialogue which are indispensable to peacemaking efforts.


Greetings of peace in this holy season! Although the human community seems far from the peace we all seek, I give thanks every day for the amazing examples of hope present around the world – ordinary people making peace, working for social justice and living in harmony with the natural world! In the New Year may our common commitment to peace bear abundant fruit.

– Marie Dennis

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