What do you wish for so that we may have more inner peace? + Message from Mabel Katz, Laureate

24h-peace-en-0016What do you wish for so that reconciliation and inner peace be encouraged, for without them any attempts at world peace are bound to fail?

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Message from Mabel Katz

2015 Public Peace Prize Laureate in the Peace Weaver category

In the PEACE WEAVER category, the laureate is Mabel KATZ, who collected 7 times the number of points required to be a finalist in this category.

Born in Argentina and living in Los Angeles, Mabel Katz is an author and speaker who teaches a Hawaiian spiritual practice that delivers a message of hope that has touched thousands of people:  Peace begins with Me…. Peace within Me brings peace to the world. She believes that respect for differences, which is essential to peace, must begin with our children.


We are all family, and we are all looking for the same things: Freedom, Happiness and Peace. We are all talking about the same thing. We are not listening to each other. Choose to be happy instead of right. You have the power inside of you to set yourself free and to bring Peace on Earth. 

– Mabel Katz        

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