What do you wish for so that religions may peacefully coexist?


What do you wish for so that religious leaders be inspired to lead us away from sectarian or extremist behaviors, to bring us back to our real reasons for living?

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3 thoughts on “What do you wish for so that religions may peacefully coexist?

  1. I’ve always wanted to experience different religious practices and promote understanding among them. In my view this would have been most possible if various religious paths agreed to have a place of worship under the same roof. That would truly send out the message of mutual respect and dialogue.

    Finally, I have heard of this place exists in Bern, Switzerland. One building and 5 religions under its roof.

    Would love more of this to happen.

    I live in a place that comes very closeto that and that is why I have decided to move there. Center of Unity Schweibenalp in Switzerland. A pioneer place where many years interfaith and interreligious dialogue and encounters have taken place and where one can practice many different rituals. For more info http://www.schweibenalp.ch Remarkable though in Schweibenalp is that each major religion is represented through its own symbols in one room, the Temple of Unity, and they are all honoured at the same time.

    With gratitude for the PPP, Corina
    Happy New Year!

  2. Encouragement in all faith traditions from their, teachers, gurus,immans, ministers, pastors, priests elders,youth leaders to participate in interreligious dialogue. We all need forgiveness for every tradition’s history of hostility,intolerance, violence and embrace each other as members of the human family , to recognize our universal yearning for acceptance and unity.
    The Tent of Abraham event that brings together Christians, Jews and Muslims, the work of some young people in Pakistan to help communities bridge the gap between people of different faith and culture are a couple of examples.

  3. I hope that our current pope Pope Francis is instrumental in bridging gaps between different religions, faith. I see him as reaching out to all persons regardless of their belief. I believe Mother Teresa was able to accomplish this. If any one could accomplish a small portion of her work, the world would be a much better place!! She is a true example of unconditional love and caring for humanity!!

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